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  1. Will it support footnotes in the future?
  2. I briefly mentioned this yesterday, but appreciate that the site was very busy. Will the new Publisher include a book publishing facility as in Page Plus? As Serif will not be supporting Page Plus any longer their needs to be a full replacement.
  3. Thank you for your swift response. I am concerned that there is no news as to whether a book publishing mode is to be introduced as per Page Plus. It does seem odd that a well trumpeted new 'Publisher' program will not have the facility to publish a 'print ready' book. It would be great if you could escalate this for me. Many thanks, Mike
  4. Just testing new program with files from a previous book publication - one or two early questions: Will I be able to import .ppp files, or do I have to convert to .pdf? I can't find the book publishing/ 'new book' option - is this hidden away? Lookig forward to some guidance. Very pleased that I ahve now been able to download and looking forward to the finished version in due course. Mike
  5. Many thanks. That has sorted it for me. Mike
  6. Having got on quite well with the tutorials and workbook I have a query. On loading a scanned black and white image and trying to use the Develop Persona I get the following message: Please select and RGB layer before entering develop. Similarly if I try to use Tone Mapping I receive the same message. Can anyone help please? Mike