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  1. Stefan Szczelkun

    Publisher bleed question

    Thanks Chris K, I wonder how long the next build will be? I have a publishing date of 5th November. I used MS Word to layout the book until now!! It may have lead to registration issues and also other layout probs! A work around I might try is to turn off bleed (but still pull out the background to provide the required 3mm bleed edges on right and lefthand master pages) and as the others comment above make and export as single pages. This leads to a PDF of the right size. But I haven't put that through the Ingram soft proof process yet. Thanks for the replies guys! and check out the book on the link above! Stefan
  2. Stefan Szczelkun

    Publisher bleed question

    My printer (Ingram Spark) requires: "Bleed: 0.125" (3 mm) except on bind side (on the three trim edges.dded to the three trim edges (top, bottom, outside). Please do not add bleed to the bind (gutter) edge as this will cause incorrect positioning." Publisher does not seem to offer to not have bleed on the 'blind side' (ie spine side). Am I missing it? ie the bleed would be on different edges for left and right pages. I have a grey background to a book of photographs. I've pulled out the grey to protrude 3mm to their instructions as above. When I export to PDF it includes 3mm increase in size all around and so the PDF is 3mm too long (the book is landscape). The document set-up does not allow left and right page bleed control. Can I correct this? Stefan 'Compostion'

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