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  1. Neither exist in Publisher. Hitting tab is as close as you can get for Presentation.
  2. Disappointed that Bleed Settings are not included in the new document dialog box. Is this being looked at? Reported it weeks ago and it gathered a lot of support, hence the disappointment.
  3. For years at a career events exhibition show we were asked to incorporate huge QR codes on the stands and also on all the flyers. We had the QR code direct to a unique URL so we could track the amount of times it was accessed. Over 5 years, noobody once scanned the QR codes, from either the large ones printed on the stands, and the ones printed on the flyers.
  4. On exporting the PDF change it from All Spreads to All Pages.
  5. Eps is also a legacy format only supported by Adobe for legacy workflows, or archaic workflows if you will. IDML file is an InDesign Mark Up Language, it's essentially a zip file, if you rename the file to .zip you can extract the content. It's basically a glorified XML file. It is used as a way to save back to older versions of InDesign. But also comes in handy if a file is corrupt or behaving strangely, you can export to IDML and open in InDesign and it rebuilds the file.
  6. I'd need to know more about the RIP and more about the workflow to offer any advice. A separated file is different to separate plates. The RIP calculates all the information and outputs plates based on this. What software are you printing from directly to a RIP? How are PDFs causing problems? I'm suprised a litho printers is not using a PdF centric workflow. And HankScorpio is me - when I'm on mobile it posts with that name as it was my original signed up name here - but reverts back to my old name when on my phone.
  7. It's been asked many times - and no definite answer.
  8. I agree with you - it needs to be added. But you can't make claims that it's not safe and it's not quick. That's misinformation. Yes - inDesigns feature is good - but it's not great. There's switches you need to flick in InDesign to get this to work. Affinity could make this better.
  9. Typically for a book cover with a spine I would have a separate file. Yes, the only way to do it in Publisher at the moment is by creating a document at the size of the overall size and also including spine width. For example, if it's 210mm wide, with a 10mm spine - then it's 210+10+210 = 430 mm wide. Add 2 columns and make the column width 10mm. That's pretty much how every book cover was designed and sent to printers up to when InDesign allowed multiple page sizes. Just because you don't agree with a way to do it is no reason to spread misinformation. Creating a book cover prior to InDesigns multi-page size feature was not cumbersome at all, it was a fairly standard way of creating it. People often sent in a front, back and spine PDF file. Nothing wrong with that either. There's many ways to do it. And just because you're used to a certain way of something working doesn't make other ways "not a good way to do it". I get that you're disappointed this feature is not in Publisher - but write concise posts and push for the change in positive ways. Correct, Publisher will not allow you to create a 2 page spread - it's a bit of an oversight by Publisher - actually it's a huge oversight.
  10. If it's a saddle stitched or perfect bound book then it will be fine. Just make sure that you have bleed on all 3 sides in the document setup and bleed applied to all pages. Any image that spans the page will be fine. If it's a wiro bound book then you will need to use non-facing pages, and duplicate the image. The image resizing within a frame is due to be fixed - it's a known bug. All in in all - I wouldn't recommend using Beta products for actual work.
  11. Eugene Tyson

    PDF Export not working

    A lot of 3rd party PDF viewers don't comply to all of Adobe's standards/modules, the only true viewer of PDFs (whichi is an Adobe file format) is Adobe Acrobat. You may want to report this to Affinity too, as there may be something they can include in PDF exports for 3rd Party viewers to ensure it displays better.
  12. Not being bad though - you think that Affinity can build a better one into the software and keep it at the low price as per other apps they have? There's a bit of a price for them because they are worth it - it is specialist software - and why I keep coming back to the reason why it shouldn't be included as part of Publisher. However, I hope Affinity opens up the apps to developers, so that they can install Plugins - that would be very welcome.
  13. I've used this and it's excellent https://www.devalipi.com/