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ralf blankenburg

which is the better Format eps or idml

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They're completely different - eps is what you would traditionally export from a drawing app like Adobe Illustrator, in order to place your logo (for example) in a desktop publisher ie Indesign or Publisher. It maintains the vector quality of the drawing. If it contains bitmap info then it maintains whatever resolution was present in the bitmap, so in that sense, yes it's lossless.

.idml is exclusively for Adobe Indesign, and provides backward compatibility - from Indesign you can export your file as an .idml rather than .indd so that people with an older version of Indesign will still be able to open it - but it cannot open in any other app, or be placed by another app. 

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2015), macOS 10.14.5 Mojave
Affinity Designer : 1.7.1  Affinity Photo: 1.7.1,   Affinity Publisher: 1.7.1

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Eps is also a legacy format only supported by Adobe for legacy workflows, or archaic workflows if you will.

IDML file is an InDesign Mark Up Language, it's essentially a zip file, if you rename the file to .zip you can extract the content. It's basically a glorified XML file.  It is used as a way to save back to older versions of InDesign. But also comes in handy if a file is corrupt or behaving strangely, you can export to IDML and open in InDesign and it rebuilds the file. 



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