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  1. Hey! I bought Affinity Photo and Designer via the Mac App Store. And my OCD wants me to buy Publisher from the same as the others. But my wallet wants me to get the 30% beta tester rebate, which means buying from Affinity/Serif directly. Is there anything different in functionality (other that the update process) between the two?
  2. Really don't like the new dock icon!!! It's not hip to be square!
  3. Hey! When I design in facing pages mode and want to export for print (as in sending it off to an offset press), is there a way to export the first and last page as a spread? If you have a picture that span from front to back, and they are printed on same paper and folded... wouldn't the printer prefer to have them that way?
  4. Thanks!!! Now I just wish there was a key command for Show/Hide Bleed! Is it possible to cusomize key commands?
  5. Hey! Maybe I'm missing something here, but... wouldn't it be nice if the show/hide bleed also hid the part of images etc that were outside the document edge. Just like in Designer where you don't see what's outside the document edge. and when show bleed was selected you saw both the bleed guide lines and those elements that where outside document edge. Or is this already possible?
  6. Thanks! Had had been looking there several times and still managed to miss it! The day is saved! Cheers!
  7. Hey! Is there any way to export as single pages even when working with facing pages?
  8. Ok... Publisher is crashing immediately when trying to open a project I started in Can't be bothered to start a new one at the moment... I'll come back when next update is out EDIT: probable cause is what is mentioned in post above...
  9. Thanks! Layer effects worked but can't find the textured brushes? Maybe because it's Affinity Photo files and not JPEG/TIFF or somesuch???
  10. Hey! How the eff do I add a simple frame around a picture in Designer??? I have a document in which I've added several images... I select one of the images go to the Stroke window and nothing happens... I've changed frame colour etc etc... but no frame appears.... What am I missing???
  11. Hey! Trying out Publisher on a CD Booklet that will be printed using a real offset printer Some questions... it's an 8 page booklet, I've set up Publisher to work with facing pages... Problems: 1) How can I get the same picture cover both the front page and the back page seemlessly? (on the print they are next to each other and folded, in the document far apbart) 2) They want the pages exported as individual pages, but Publisher exports the spreads as single pages (but not front+cover that are truly printed next to each other then folded) 3) Is there a way to export as individual pages when working in "facing pages" 4) If I would work in "non" facing pages, how do I get an image to spread over the spreads? (there quite a few images that cover the whole spreads) 5) All the pics I have been provided are in RGB. Could I let Publisher convert them to CMYK?
  12. I guess it's the edges of the document showing on second thoughts... but it's kinda annoyng to have to see them always...
  13. Hey! Nope, doesn't go away... here's an image! It's also fairly random, sometimes it's just on 2 or 3 sides... Also it's not there when exporting to PDF...
  14. Hey! I love the rough brush style picture frames and strokes you can easily use in Pages would be great if it was possible to use picture frames using any brush you have in Affinity Photos or if it was a big selection of those kind of frames and strokes you could choose within Publisher!
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