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  1. Thanks for the extra information.
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying. I've just downloaded the latest version (1.7.0) and looked in both Create Character Style and Create Paragraph Style. The capital options seem to be working ok now. The 3 petite capital options in both still don't seem to be making any changes to the text, nor the Titling option. I'm not sure whether the issues are to do with the fonts I've tried (Arial and Open Sans). Nor am I certain what the titling option is supposed to achieve; I'd assumed it would change the first letter of each word to a capital, but I may be wrong. So again, it may be user error as I am not particularly skilled in this area.
  3. kazrbutler

    Full screen ?

    On the top right hand corner you should find a line, a window and an x. These are standard PC icons: line for minimize, window for full screen and x for close.
  4. Just be aware there seems to be an issue with some of the options in the Character style > Capitals section. Some seem to work, but at least a couple don't. I've already reported it as a bug here:
  5. Just a small niggling thing, but the bottom entry in the Apply Master panel states Replace Exsiting instead of Existing.
  6. Page Plus users would be in a much worse position in the future if Serif weren't producing Publisher. Perhaps you would rather wait until some point in the future when some change outside Serif's control means the software is no longer usable, you haven't access to your Page Plus documents, and are without an affordable replacement available. I consider myself responsible for future-proofing my business. This means accepting that things outside my control are changing, and doing something about it. In my case, I will contribute what I can to the beta work, make suggestions as to what options I need. Then I will start producing new documents using Publisher once it is available for sale, and start to migrate the old ones. I find it preferable to see this as an opportunity to update my document styles and workflow, rather than burying my head in the sand, clinging to the old software and moaning about how I am being treated. Serif do listen to their users, which is more than can be said for a lot of the software producers out there.
  7. Even if Serif continued to develop Pageplus, it still has a limited lifespan. Operating system, software standards and computer architecture changes mean that any programme with years old core software runs the risk of being sidelined by not being able to run on new machines and/or operating systems. It's frustrating enough when you invest in a new computer, only to discover that it won't talk to your reliable printer. So not only to you have to buy a new printer, but you find it is much more temperamental. How much more frustrating to discover overnight that you can no longer use your DTP software, and worse than that have no way of even opening your existing documents. Serif are doing the right thing. Page Plus is still available and stable for users to access their existing documents for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, they are working to produce new software, written to the latest standards for the future. They are making sure that Page Plus users have a way to future proof their work. Yes it's frustrating that it isn't possible to open Page Plus files, and certainly won't be for the near future. Once they have developed Publisher to a certain point, who knows, perhaps they may be able to find a way to migrate Page Plus files. I would rather go with a plan which takes into account the risk of current software being unusable in the future, allowing me to plan ahead, than risk the alternative.
  8. Using the updated beta I've been exploring the text styles options and trying to get to grips with working with styles, using Arial and Open Sans fonts. In doing so, I have noticed that if you try to edit the Capitals part of the Text Styles, not all options seem to be applied correctly. Caps to small caps is one option, and another is Titling. Neither appear as I would expect, with the text appearing in sentence case. Some options I'm not certain how they would appear: ie they are changing but whether it is to what you intend I'm not certain. So probably worth checking all the Capitals options. I know I am not skilled at using styles (it's on my list of things to get to grips with), but the different options do seem to be behaving consistently; just not all of them are as I would expect.
  9. The way I figure it, I would rather be an early adopter. Firstly, Serif software isn't expensive compared to many others, and there is often a discount on first release. I don't have to pay for a monthly subscription which is far more expensive that the occasional purchases of upgraded software with Serif. If I don't want to upgrade when a new paid for version comes out, I don't have to do so if I don't want to, or can wait a little while. However, I generally find there is some feature with Serif releases which makes it well worth upgrading: because it will save me time, make work easier and/or improve my work. I'd rather support a company through occasionally buying a new release that meets my needs, than be tied in paying through the nose on a monthly basis (and don't forget those payments can increase too). From what I've seen of the beta for Affinity Publisher, I will definitely be purchasing the initial commercial release. If for any reason I cannot run PP9 in the future, I will have had more time to convert essential files to Affinity and update them, plus new files will already be produced in Affinity Publisher. All my files worked in PP9 are saved to pdf in any case before publication (it's the format required for the platforms I upload my work to), and at some point I will need to update my documents anyway, so I won't lose anything by switching to Publisher sooner rather than later and will have a lot to gain. And while I know we are still in early stages, there are aspects of the new software which will work much better for me than PagePlus9. I've found it much more intuitive to use, and some of the features will really improve my workflow. Yes, there is some way to go before the software reaches it's full potential; but I think it is well worth being part of the journey.
  10. kazrbutler

    Photo Persona

    That's because Affinity Photo and also Designer need an update to 1.7 before it's possible, so it hasn't been put in place yet. More details in this thread:
  11. Simple undo and redo options can be found in the EDIT menu, along with the short cuts.
  12. I'd also add that many people using DTP software are not graphically trained. I have learnt to do certain tasks myself because it makes sense not to have to pay someone else to do it. It means I don't have a background of knowledge and experience when it comes to setting up documents for printing. A preset document layout takes a lot of guesswork, angst, and research out of a task, and means I don't make mistakes due to lack of knowledge.
  13. kazrbutler

    Text flow messes up font size

    I'm keeping my eyes out, but I'm not getting much time to work with it. Not spotted anything untoward this morning when trying what to replicate the issue.
  14. I can't be sure what the original poster meant, but having played with the software a little more, it would be good if you could copy a page from another AP document, or even a whole AP document into a second document you are working in. Occasionally, I work on a file for a client which she will later add to her book file in Page Plus. As we are both working at the same time, we can't work on the same file. I can see plenty of advantages in working on a book in a single file, but this would give it the flexibility to overcome the main disadvantage of not having separate files for individual sections.
  15. The style option for Initial Words is a huge positive as far as I am concerned. I am currently using Page Plus to produce knitting patterns. Being able to select blocks of row instructions and place all the row headers in bold quickly and easily to separate them from the actual instructions without having to select every single section of text will be amazing. It will be well worth purchasing for this alone. If there are flowing tables and options for working book chapters separately, even better. Please keep up the good work.