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  1. Yeah, thank you both for explaining. Sometimes it's a bit complicated to communicate with other layouters who don't know Affinity Publisher and still swear by InDesign. The eye trained by Friedrich Forssman and Ralf de Jong is decisive for one's own practice in any case. Thank you again and stay healthy in these apocalyptic times!
  2. I like to use eighth space or half quarter space for spaces between numbers in the typesetting. Affinity Publisher offers the hair space. If I use a double hair space, I feel that this corresponds to the eighth space. Can anyone of you please tell me if this is true? Thanks in advance, deister fox
  3. Since version 1.8.1, Affinity Publisher can also handle idml files. This is fantastic and quite ingenious. But if I want to exchange files with designers who unfortunately still work with InDesign and I have to convince them of the publisher's quality, I have a problem. I can't export an idml file that has been edited and corrected in Publisher as an idml again. Is there a way to choose an export format that this poorly programmed Adobe program understands? Collegial greetings, Clemens
  4. Thanks for the hint, but there was nothing to see. Apparently it was annoying that the frames for the page numbers on the master page were a bit higher than the text containers. After the frames for the page numbers had been deleted, no more error messages appeared. But there was definitely no text overflow.
  5. I have difficulties in having the supposed text overflow displayed in a document. This morning I wanted to export a PDF from a created document. Affinity Publisher showed me a window. According to this, text overflow should occur in at least one frame. But I can't find a red eye or any other red hint in the text containers. Only when clicking on the boxes for the page numbers created on the master page, red dots appear, however, additional text except "Nr." is not to be found also in this frame. I am a little perplexed.
  6. Oh my Got, excuse me, now I found out: shift + cmd + end, as with other similar programs!
  7. One more question. Is there also a so-called monkey handle– a keyboard shortcut – in the Publisher to mark and delete all the remaining text in a box from the cursor?
  8. Yes, thank you, Joachim_L was right on target, it's not about a headline, but about a bold lead text. If it cannot be formatted in a box at the moment, several elements have to complement each other. Thanks for your hints. Sample3.pdf Sample2.pdf
  9. Hello, I am currently trying to create a two-column leader in a manuscript with a four-column break and generate a text style for it. So far, however, I have only managed to run the opening part or lead-in in one column. Do I have to create a separate box for a preamble that is to extend over two columns?
  10. In Affinity Photo 1.6.12 , therefore in the previous version very helpful presets were available in the Studio feature Adjustment. Now, in 1.7.1, the presets are missing except for the default preset. Is it possible to reactivate the sopplied presets before applying my own? It's easier to learn using the supplied presets. Thanks in advance for a helpful tip.
  11. Is there any possibility in Affinity Photo 1.7.1 with the Selection Brush Tool to change the Mode Add or Substract by shortcut? Maybe someone can help me …
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