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  1. jpintos

    Beta update?

    Hi. Exist an official list with the New Features in 1.7 versions of Photo and Designer?
  2. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi everyone. Exist some shortcut to paste unicode? take too much time go to edit, paste special, unicode, etc...
  4. Yes.. i think that is very weird... Maybe affinity remove the option to add discount codes
  5. Yes.. because as a video editor we have Davinci Resolve that is free or the premium version without sucripition... We need a replace for After Effects!!
  6. Serif have any plan to make a Good Video Editor and After Effects similar software? I wanna leave totally from the Adobe subscription!!!
  7. The same here... I wanna buy affinity photo.. i'm waiting for a discount.. A couple of months ago i've bought Affinity Designer and i'm lovit!!
  8. jpintos

    Possible BUG in PDF Exportation..

    I must solve this.. because i should send the pdf to print to my client... I want to know if i'm making something wrong or if is a bug... Anybody can help me please?
  9. Hi... I have a problem.... I'm trying to export a design as a PDF but one of the images is missing... but this only happen when i export in PDF, if the export is made in PNG works fine.. I'm using the version. Check the video please. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqfXXzZoRp