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  1. Hi. Exist a way to export the saved presets in Developmen Persona? I'me save some pressets to process Raw Pictures and maybe i'm will put a SSD Drive, Reinstall Windows and i need keep this settings after the reinstall..
  2. I've received today the email to pre order Affinity Publisher and in the email i read "Y recuerde que no hay suscripción mensual, solo tiene que comprar la aplicación una vez y recibirá actualizaciones gratuitas hasta la versión 2" In english is something like "free updates up to V2". In affinity photo and designer is the same thing? the free updates are up to V2?
  3. Done! I get it with HSL and Colorize and some adjustements in Develpe Persona. Another question. All the presets in Photo Persona i can save it as a LUT, that is ok Existe a way to save ALL the presets in Develope Persona? because is not very quick should going tab per tab charging the presets...
  4. Yes, i think is the option with that get quick and good results..! thanks!
  5. Yes but y have 2200 pictures to edit... and the idea is not make new selections... maybe with a selective correction to save it as a preset and apply faster.... but i don't know with what preset i can affect only the green...
  6. Hi Guys. In your opinion, whats is the most effective way to remove the green contamination in the clothe on this photo?
  7. jpintos

    Beta update?

    Hi. Exist an official list with the New Features in 1.7 versions of Photo and Designer?
  8. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi everyone. Exist some shortcut to paste unicode? take too much time go to edit, paste special, unicode, etc...
  10. Yes.. i think that is very weird... Maybe affinity remove the option to add discount codes
  11. Yes.. because as a video editor we have Davinci Resolve that is free or the premium version without sucripition... We need a replace for After Effects!!
  12. Serif have any plan to make a Good Video Editor and After Effects similar software? I wanna leave totally from the Adobe subscription!!!
  13. The same here... I wanna buy affinity photo.. i'm waiting for a discount.. A couple of months ago i've bought Affinity Designer and i'm lovit!!