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  1. I tested this and you are correct. The problem is on the KLF side and that has been sorted out w. the folks at Red Giant. So, this situation w. AP having support for .lfp files is more of a mystery than any problem it has with other apps.. Thanks.
  2. Well, it looks like I have no other option than a complete un-install of AP. I tried re-associating these .lfp files to the Knoll Light Factory plug-in, but the plug-in was not an option for assignment. So I tried assigning the file type to photoshop, but that still did not work, the plug-in could not open the files. I hope that I will be able to re-install AP once this niggle is sorted out. Thanks for reporting it to the developers.
  3. OK, I had just figured it out when you replied. Thanks. So, do you think I could delete the line, "<string>lfp</string>" and it would keep AP from being assigned those .ifp files?
  4. Interesting. But how do you see the contents of the Affinity Photo app. folder? On my system Affinity Photo is just listed as an app in my Applications folder, no Contents/Info.plist to see. Thanks.
  5. Thanks RC-R. I will try to re-associate the installed files first, as you suggest. These files are not document files, but instead proprietary image files (.lfp) that can be edited in the Knoll Light Factory app., a plug-in for Photoshop. Even though the .lfp files show up in PS's plug-ins folder, they are tagged as "Affinity Openable" files w. Affinity icon and will not open in PS (click on attachment).
  6. I need to temporarily un-install AP. It is conflicting with the installation of another application that I need for work. Some of the new app's plug-in files are being labeled as Affinity Photo files by error. Does anyone know how to un-install Affinity Photo. Can't find the info anywhere. There is not even an Affinity Support Dept. to contact. Weird. Thanks.
  7. I work on two computers at various times. I noticed that on one computer the version of Affinity Photo that I just installed for first time is 1.4.2, while on the other computer w. an older installation the version is 1.4.1. Does AP update automatically or do I have to do it manually? Thanks.
  8. Not as far out front as they seemed years ago when Adobe went subscription only. Last year was a bad year for Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom apps, as many who use them sorely experienced. Many bugs appeared, features disappearing then brought back due to protests. All this requiring fix sub-releases of both, and apparently many problems still exist. I was watching an entire day of Photoshop live course presentations last month and every instructor experienced glitches, bugs and even crashes during their presentations -- each using their own laptop and the latest install of CC. And from their "not again" reactions a subtle message went out to users to beware. In the past you could just use your prior version until the bugs of the newer release were sorted out, then upgrade. Today you get the bleeding edge version automatically installed over your prior version of CC, always assuring that you have the latest crop of bugs to deal with. This scenario is getting intolerable for pro's who depend on their software daily for their $$$.
  9. Bridge is free... well, you know what that means -- End of Life. And eventually no support, or future RAW updates, forcing Adobe customers to adopt Lightroom, if they haven't already. That would be the perfect time for Serif to hit the market w. their own DAM that will be faster, more versatile, and at a fraction of the cost.
  10. I have On1 Photo Suite v. 8.5.2 which includes their photo browser. I just tried it, and yes, it is very fast. It uses the OS's file directory rather than a proprietary database. It's not quite as comprehensive as Adobe Bridge, and apparently, you can not open an image in another editing app other than On1's when operating in stand-alone mode (not as a plug-in). As a plug-in to Photoshop or Lightroom, that will open the image in those. Maybe the latest version 10 of On1's app is more versatile?
  11. Thanks for the link. Well, that's a good start, and Caplin is a well known author/teacher that does a great job on this 3.5 hour intro course. I will request more advanced AP courses from Lynda.com. I have been using them for over three years and like the service. Now that they are owned by LINKEDIN, maybe the "abobe" stigma will lessen. After all, they are in the biz of teaching what people want to learn -- that's their bottom line.
  12. That's good to hear. And I know such development costs lots of time and money. I like Serif's approach of providing the apps creatives need, as separate affordable apps (like AP and AD) rather than cramming a ton of features into one expensive bloated app (i.e. Photoshop). So I would be willing to buy a good photo organizer from Serif for about $39 US that utilizes the OS's normal file/folder structure (like Bridge does) with keywording, metafile description and rating for images. A fast comprehensive image search function is essential, as well as a variety of image review modes and customized layouts. Simple, fast and affordable is better than complex, slow and expensive (Lightroom).
  13. Fortunately for Photoshop/Bridge CS6 defectors, we do have the ability to continue using Bridge for a while as skiphunt mentions in the initial post (Right-click on image > Open with > Affinity Photo). But for other Mac users, the list of photo organizers / managers on the market is rather lean. The best (other than Lightroom) seems to be PhotoDirector Ultra. Not sure if it utilizes a proprietary database or the OS's file/folder structure. It also includes photo editing features, but at quick glance not as eloquent as AP. So there is definitely a need here for AP users. A need that will certainly increase over the coming year.
  14. I, too, am in the same situation. Still using Adobe Bridge CS6 for my huge media assets collection that I use for photo compositing. I like keeping everything in a standard OS file/folder system (as Bridge allows) rather than an app's proprietary database (i.e. Lightroom) to avoid the inevitable corruption issues and slow performance. From what I've read elsewhere, it sounds like Affinity's DAM software is a year or more away. So does anyone have a solution that Affinity Photo folks can use now that is similar to Bridge and can handle RAW files of current cameras, as well as assigning keywords and ratings? Thanks.
  15. Thanks MEB. I will download the Trial version and check it out. If it looks good, I am on board.