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  1. lbyd

    Replace a pdf-file

    Ok Sean, I copy the printing PDF and a Publisherfile with the placed PDF. It is possible to have Importoptionen when I placed files? I could not placed the backside of the card. printfile.afpub druck_frühlingskarte2019.pdf
  2. lbyd

    Replace a pdf-file

    The PDF is complete with trimmarks. When I place the PDF in Publisher again, for example to create a printshit with many PDF, the trimmarks are lost.
  3. Hi, I want to make a printshit with many cards. So I replace the pdf-file out of publisher with trimmarks in publisher again. The trimmarks are lost and I would like to have importoptions to select the file. I try to place the file in InDesign and it worked perfect. Do you have any solution? Ralph
  4. Hi, I am just designing a springcard for my printing company. A qr-code would be nice. Is there a way to generate it? Can I print files which I generate in Publisher? That would be a great opportunity to get experience how the PDF out of Publisher are working. Thanks for an answer

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