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  1. There are. My point was purchasing DAM from Serif if and when available. I’m still a happy camper with the Affinity suite.
  2. Love the Affinity suite. Been a user from the AP Mac beta. Now I’m worried. A DAM persona would be the missing link in the suite, and there seems to be a business case here, so something might be holding back. But what do I know about Serif strategy and implementation? For now, others gets my money. And that is sad, since I really like the Affinity suite.
  3. Nice if there was consistency between the apps regarding Studio Link though. It might even cross sell the apps to new users, when not buried in the menu
  4. Hi guys, with the StudioLink launched, it would be awesome if there was an Affinity DAM. Complete suite?
  5. Just gave it a go with 2 pictures with this person in 2 different places. Got some strange transparency behavior. Maybe the pixels are to similar in this particular photo? Or maybe a bug?
  6. When trying to open a photo from the photo app. Tried several photos (jpg). Same happens when trying to take a photo. Have not tried photos stored in the cloud. Running on iPad Air 2, most recent IOS. Pls advice.
  7. I´m posting this request from Swilcox from the question forum since I did not find it here: "I'm sure this is a simple question. I'm a long-time user of OmniGraffle, primarily for drawing diagrams: rectangles with enclosed text labels, connected by lines to other rectangles or circles. OG has a magnet feature such that when I connect a line to two objects (e.g., to the center point of a rectangle and the center point of a circle), and then move the rectangle, the circle stays put and the connecting line moves with the rectangle. Not sure I've described that well, but I hope you see my poin
  8. The addition of stacking is great. As for now I use stacking and mask layers to achieve sharpness of close up photography. This is a work around for focus stacking, but not very effective workflow wise. How awesome it would be if focus stacking was added as an automated process/option. I know you have considered adding focus stacking. Any further thoughts?
  9. Have I missed something here - or is this a known bug? Dropping an existing layer into the ´new layer´ icon when the green plus sign appear does not add a duplicate layer in AD 1.2. BTW: Really impressed what you guys are doing. BIG thumbs up!
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