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  1. Yes this works flawlessly, this is exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks a ton!
  2. Small overlaps cause me troubles as they are quite hard to create right, they complicate further adjustments and it's making me feel uneasy knowing there is this random imperfection in something that should be pixel perfect. For the time being I've opted to stacking shapes on top of each other so the larger bottom one fully encompasses smaller ones above it.
  3. This creates overlap. Solves the problem, but it just doesn't feel right. What do you mean by "join the objects"? As in merge the curves? But then i won't be able to have 2 colors?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to put 2 shapes tightly together in designer, but even if i put sharp nodes on top of each other, there is tiny but visible white gap. Is there any trick I'm missing or do I just need to overlap them a little?
  5. Artboards + Symbols did the trick exactly how I imagined it, thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply, this indeed helps. I'm wondering if it's possible to create template artboard and let other artboards inherit its base design? The problem I'm trying to solve is that if I make change to the base design I want it to be applied to all other variants too as easily as possible.
  7. Hello, I've created a gift voucher in Designer, but I have like 10 different variants where only one text layer is different. I'd very much like to avoid having separate files for each because design may be changed and I need to reflect that for all variants. And I'd like to be able to export all 10 variants into separate print PDFs similarly to how slices work, is it possible? Thanks.
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