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  1. Hi Gabe. I checked and it is the font indeed. I changed it from Rockwell to Helvetica New and it worked. But I have another word with umlaut and the same font Rockwell and this has been exported correctly. Strange. Thank you, Martin
  2. Hi Gabe. Good point. That I have not yet tested. Let me do that and come back.
  3. I have text on a flyer which contains umlaute. AD displays it correct. After export into a PDF the umlaute are replaced by a functional char (see attachment original and result). Of course I can rasterize all the text, but I don't want it in this case. I attached a printscreen from the export configuration as well. Thanks
  4. Thank you very much Sean. It works. Good to hear that it is a bug which will be fixed short time.
  5. Hi Sean, thanks for your reply. Sorry for my mistake. The banner is not 5 but 13 meters long. It was 5 in the first version. I mixed with that. I attached the file causing the problem. Thanks, Martin banner_sponsoren_1300x100.afdesign
  6. I created a banner with 5x1 meter dimension. When I try to export it as pdf AD crashes. What's wrong? I attached the error log. error_log.rtf
  7. Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. Yes, that's the procedure I meant except I drag & drop the first image from a folder. You are right, if I do the same as you suggested (create a document with the RGB profile) it works fine. I am wondering why the problem occurs only when I copy/paste and not at the first time when I insert the first image - even I use the place function or drag&drop the image. Thanks, Martin
  8. Hi When I copy/paste an image within AD the inserted image is very pale. I attached a screen shot to show the effect. It doesn't matter if I copy/paste within the same document or into a new one. The image has the RGB color profile, the document CMYC.
  9. It would make the handling easier/faster if option windows (e.g. layer effects, adjustments, character, paragraphs, etc.) can be closed by clicking the ESC key. Thanks
  10. You are right, will proceed so. Thanks Top Cat. Good to know that you are working on the TIFF issue and an improvement on PDF export control.
  11. I tried to prepare my work for the printing press. The original AD file has a size of 550MB. When I export as PDF the size will be shrank to 9MB. I guess AD is compressing the images, what's bad for high quality printing. I would be happy, if there will be some more options for exporting as PDF like no image compression or color profile management (like e.g. Adobe Illustrator) Last I tried to export as EPS. As it seems, AD is adding a margin bottom and right and the quality of the images/photos is absolutely poor as you can see on the print screen with the original file and the exported on
  12. Perfect, thanks. I guess when I would have searched with the correct term, I would have found it in feature requests
  13. Thanks rui_mac. That's my fault. I was talking about bleed, correct.
  14. For designing a A4 for print, I add 2 mm all around (301x214mm) that the printer can cut these to the final size (297x210mm) after printing. However, sometimes the margins disappeared after I made a change in the document settings. That's right, AD shows currently the margins, I just thought someone doesn't want to show them all the time, so it could be helpful for those to hide the margin line.
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