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  1. Please it will really help if can you keep me posted and tell me if there is a workaround I really stuck here
  2. hi, i cant work ! every file i work - sooner or later it crashes randomly when trying to make any actions. even cant save - crash on save it starts with crashing on adding artboard (manually / by insert artboard button / by duplicate) and then crashes randomly. i dont lnow what to do, Please help ! attaching files: frist file : crashed randomly - try to insert new artboard at the bottom of the wrokspace second file - try add artboard 3rd file - cant save - crash Thanks Tirvia Design back up.afdesign trivia design 3.afdesign trivia design part 2.afdesign
  3. Hi, i bought the affinity designer a few weeks ago. i want to try the beta version, where can i get it ? thanks !
  4. Hi, Why when duplicating a page, symbols is converted to groups and are not symbols anymore at the new page ?
  5. transform menu In many times we need to make an exact movement / rotation or any transform manipulation multiple times with copy of it. example: i'm making a website with 12 columns. so i made one column. now i want to duplicate 11 more times, but to have an exact gap between them. in illustrator (i used cs4) we have the option to go to a transform menu = > move = > fill the movement amount and in this menu there is an option to make a copy out of it. so now i have 2 columns with the last column selected. if the selection remains we can do TRANSFORM AGAIN (ctrl+D) and it copies it
  6. Tool from illustrator (i used Cs4): allow to very quickly make a smooth shapes and lines after drawing the rough please see the attached pic. This is saving tons of time in making logos and complexed shapes also in caligraphy and illustration. very important tool, i very miss this. Thanks. Rotem.
  7. This feature is from illustrator (i used cs4). this is very powerful features which allow to re-color any part of an object: symbols, shapes, groups etc' It shows the user all the color used, and let him modify any of them. saves the user time of selecting objects and sub object individually. Attaching pic. also the ability to make a keyboard short cut to it is vey important. I'm very miss this thing. Thanks, Rotem.
  8. Hi, i'm trying to export file to a specific path continuously. The thing is i want to export to a folder that located one level up relative to the af file. example: The file is in: C:\ design\ main page\ AFile.afdesign i Want to export to: C:\ Design\ so what syntax should i put in the path field ? thanks ! Rotem.
  9. Hi, My version is Affinity crashes when adding new page or trying to do any action to pages. Dont know if it is the relates, but this document has been imported from illustrator.. Attaching the file. Thanks in advanced. Rotem Tirvia Design back up.afdesign
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