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  1. puh, strange, the workaround with the symbols is already working good, you also can do some patterns with this... its fun, but its all not very handy and you have to plan a lot what you would do ...a real symmetry tool would be like this, just with comfortable settings like define symmetry/mirror axes and how and how often the objects are being copied...dont think this is an impossible task, maybe this is added in some later versions
  2. oh thanks I've searching this symmetry tool since I've see this in the 2019 Keynote....hope that this comes to the normal mode (vector) also!
  3. You are right... I worked with flash long times ago, never seen this efficient and unique vector workflow like this again. Draw/Drag/Fill with this easiness to delete/simplify/modify parts by only selecting them ...simple and fast ...this was very outstanding! would love something like this come into affinity
  4. Hey Folks at Affinity/Serif, you do a great Job! After working since 18 years with adobe my testing with the Affinity Designer brings me to feel ready to make big changes in my Toolset. For me – especially I already changed my Video Editing completely to FCPX years ago, wich is leaps ahead Premiere – since then there is no fitting option for any Adobe Subscription (This „one“ or „all“ rent options, and this „pay forever or say goodby to all your data“– is a thing that I can not agree with me. Struggling hard with this). Affinity not just brings back a good feeling to work with the right tool, it comes with such great functions: The Artboard Options, Slicing, Drawing with Stabilisation, Editing Paths and Masking are really gorgeous. Its also fast and feels fluid, all the necessary functions like spot-colors, CMYK/RGB, Magnetic Alignment, different and mixed units with automatic conversions seems to be inside ...very very cool! Maybe some are already in discussion, but here are my personal feature-suggestions for further versions. Suggestions „Productivity“: A tool to „fill“ parts inside the illustration with color (and create the shape between paths for this if its missing - also individual tolerances also would be cool) As often suggested a „vectorizer“ tool with settings… I use this extremely often in AI, that is the fastest way to get rastered graphics editable to match it into your illustration. The function to copy paths also in IDML and other Formats when possible (instead of SVG)…this closes a big gap to compatibility. I’m also learning Affinity Publisher, but to copy paths freely from one APP to annother is very helpful to speed things up. Some way to add shapes in specific sizes by typing in „mumeric“ values during positioning… maybe just typing 200 when you start to position an rectangle and it changes his size to 200px or mm. Suggestions „Nice to have“: A little more Drag and Drop for long time Mac users would be nice …e.g. drag colors from the Color fields to Effect-Options, or drag to Fill or Conture field above (see Image). Having a layer function „template“ (transparent and locked) just for convenience Add the "Copy Style/paste Style" function also to the Colorpicker as Option And maybe I’m too dump, but I’m missing a efficient function to select all nodes of a path within the node editing process (without changing the tool)…always getting minor cramps by trying to select all points 🙂 I'm looking forward to join the Affinity Family when I’m setting up to Big Sur in the near future. 😁
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