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  1. Oh excellent work, thanks I know you said you have saved this as a template but how fast are you able to work with that template when creating shapes? For example with the raster symmetry tool you can draw something, move the cross hair and immediately start drawing again. I'm like a day into using Designer so I'm still finding my feet with it but ultimately I want to be able to have the tools not get in the way (if that makes sense?).
  2. Yeah I've seen a lot of videos demonstrating that. The problem is that with something like that it's a pain to set up anything other than two-way symmetry. Like 3 way symmetry makes it super quick for doing triangular forms (something I noticed the raster brush symmetry also lacks as entering 3 gives you 6 segments). Thanks for the advice though, I appreciate it
  3. Ah that's a shame, I have Sketchbook for raster symmetry so this was more me looking for a vector tool with symmetry. I'm actually pretty amazed that none of the major vector packages seem to do symmetry well. I work in the film industry and spend a lot of time doing HUDs, UI and things like that where symmetry would literally save you half the time (plus it's just really good for getting that nice instant feedback when exploring shapes). Fingers crossed it comes at some point in the future.
  4. Ah that's excellent news! Is it in a version I am able to download at all? I thought I grabbed the latest beta yesterday (or is it in private beta?). Many thanks! -KW-
  5. Hi! I actually just created a post about this. Does anyone know if this was ever implemented? Cheers!
  6. Never mind on this one. I realised I was duplicating with ALT instead of CTRL (CTRL allowed me to snap)
  7. Hi again, Does Affinity Designer have a symmetry mode at all? I saw a whole bunch of videos showing workarounds with symbols but I was really hoping there might be a proper live symmetry tool (something which sketchbook does incredibly well as a point of reference). If not, might this be something which is planned for 1.7? I found a requested features list but it was unclear to me when it was last updated (I think the post I found was from 2015). Thanks again Ps. Sorry for making three separate posts in the space of 5 minutes but thought it best to separate my questions into their own topics.
  8. I just used the power duplicator to make a repeating pattern in Designer, but I wasn't able to make my first duplication snap to my grid. Is this possible as I really need my elements to be spaced with precision. Thanks
  9. Hi! I have just purchased Affinity Designer after seeing a tweet from 2017 that showed an "enhanced node editor", which basically allows you to select a bunch of nodes and transform just that node selection (very similar to working with vertices in 3D). However I can't seem to get it to work. I tried selecting a bunch of nodes but I get no transform box. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
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