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  1. Hi, to add on this workflow: It is not just the blob brush for Affinity, but also the ability to directly grab the resulting edges of the resulting shape and pulling them (as bezier curves), simplifying them, smoothing them etc. But also UNDERCUTTING them. This is a major feature in Adobe Animate and afaik not available in Illustrator. When you grab such a edge and it intersects with itself or a neighboring shape, it subracts it automatically. Really handy to clean up outlines. Here are some examples: And my own example: https://twitter.com/zorryn_art/st
  2. Hi Affinity-Team! I would LOVE to see this workflow outside of Flash/Animate, too: https://twitter.com/zorryn_art/status/961348483826573313 This workflow really speeds things up when creating vector outlines, nice spikey shapes and simplifying geometry :) Could you implement this into Designer, too? Thank you! Zorryn.
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