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  1. @Callum I’m not sure I understand. In my test file, both commands give the same results and are both displayed in the History panel as “Reset text formatting”. Are they in fact two ways to invoke the same operation? Reapply Text Styles vs Reset Formatting.afpub
  2. When I apply a master page only to a right-hand page, it still seems to affect the left-hand page with its text wrapping settings. Let me explain. In the attached facing pages Publisher document, I have two master pages. The Base master page contains just a left and a right text frame. The Image master page has Base applied to it and in addition contains two picture frames with text wrapping on: In the document, I applied the master pages as follows: First spread: page 1 – Base, page 2 – Image. Second spread: page 3 – Image, page 4 – Base. So each spread has different master pages applied to its left and right pages. Curiously, on both spreads text wrapping also affects the page that only has the Base master page applied: I expected a page that doesn’t have a picture frame on it to be filled with filler text from top to bottom, because there is nothing on the page or its master page that could cause text wrapping. Is this behavior a bug or is it by design? How can I apply a master page to a right-hand page in a way that doesn’t affect the left-hand page of the same spread? Ghost master page text wrapping.afpub
  3. What’s the difference between the menu command Text > Reapply Text Styles and the Text Styles panel button Reset Formatting?
  4. Thank you! Sure, I knew that. I wanted a way to quickly pan and go back to editing text. I didn’t realize though that after pressing Esc the text frame remains selected, and pressing Enter activates the input cursor at the same position where I last left it. So for now I can use Esc, Spacebar+pan, Enter. I would much prefer one shortcut, perhaps Ctrl+Spacebar (Cmd+Spacebar), that would work consistently whether I’m in the text editing mode or not.
  5. It varies. It can be italic, font and size, leading, language settings, no-break formatting or other kinds of formatting.
  6. Normally, I can press spacebar to activate the view tool (the hand tool) temporarily. How can I do that while entering text within a text frame? I couldn’t find a way to create a new shortcut for that in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.
  7. I want to find and fix all instances of local formatting in a large document. The local formatting I’m dealing with is random, it can affect a single word or even one character. Often, the fix is to clear the local formatting. Sometimes it involves creating a new style and applying it. Most often, some aspects of the previously applied local formatting go into a style and others are cleared. What are my options with Publisher to find every place where local formatting has been applied? Any pointers would help me tremendously. Currently I don’t know of any way to do that, save for going over all text character by character. Obviously, sometimes the local formatting is invisible or hard to spot, otherwise I would just visually scan the document.
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