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  1. Effectively, it's a solution... But it's strange that symbols are not in a DTP...
  2. You're right, GarryP, the help menu has no mention of this sort of symbol. But, how to operate when we don't have Designer ?
  3. In the beginning of beta releases, it was a symbol menu in the Studio panel. I don't see it anymore... Where is it now?
  4. Problem is fixed. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello GabrielM, helloWosven, Thank you so much. Yes, I use build .384 with Windows 10 and claire.corteville too.
  6. Hi Wosven and thank You for your response. I recceive this screen without problem but i's impossible to select a keyword after introducing it in the bar "Cliquer ici pour effectuer une recherche".
  7. It seems that searching based on keywords does not work in F1-Menu with the French version. In English version, no problem! Thanks to correct it before June 19 if it's possible...
  8. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    Hello ToOldForThis, Thank you for your advice. I think I found how to list the fonts with the characteristics : Directory C:\Windows\Fonts (View details). Example in French version :
  9. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    You're probably right... again...
  10. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    I cannot say more. My problematic font was one I have downloaded from an Internet site. In my opinion, other fonts are in the case. As I writed above, when I encountered the problem, it was immediately after choosing the directory to save the export file.
  11. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    YES, walt.farrel !!! You're right ! I've uninstalled my last downloaded fonts and now, PDF Export works perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. Merci aussi à AlainP de la Belle Province. Danke an Dominik für Ihren Rat. For your information, the problematic font was "INDOCHIN_0.TTF".
  12. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    Hello Dominik, I updated my signature. You will be able to see my O.S. I tried with other PDF files. When I open PDF file with AfPub, save it in afpub format, open it and want to save it again in PDF format, I receive immediately the same message. No time today for testing the walt.farrell's tip. Thanks again to all.
  13. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    I tried many times to resolve my problem but I always receive same message. I'll try the solution proposed by walt.farrell. Thank you all.
  14. Framon

    PDF Export problem

    No, Dominik. An other face of my problem : I open the PDF file with AfPub. I save it in afpub format. I open it and want to export in PDF in a other directory : same error message... I tear my hair ...

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