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  1. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Yeah, any kind of response/information about this subject from Affinity Designer team would be nice.
  2. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    That's really useful Thanks.
  3. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    I did one that I imagine is going to be "big but quick job" in Designer, oh boy, I was wrong. All the fonts where big, really big (20 inch +), outlined. On screen look OK. But then I exported all that out, PDF X3, EPS, SVG (cleaned background before export, so I don't have clipping, masking, etc.), font to curves. I try to open it (to check everything before cut) in Corel... it open the file, looks ok. Turn on wireframe, and look it closely - and I'm screwed. Illustrator would not smell the file. Ok I try same thing in Flexi, and for some reason result is better, not perfect, but better. I remind you that font is 20 + inch, so small irregularities won't show - perfect. Wrong again. It did not show on the screen, but in production sure did (I blame it on screen rendering in Flexi because it does not show smallest details). Lot of time and material vested, need to recreate everything in Corel. But let's think just a little bit. You have font that's already vector by itself, and it show perfectly on the screen. You can parse it directly to vector. Then you have outline/contour of the font, that is also already perfectly good curve, why you do not just parse it in place? Also I have feeling that Designer have 2 different "mesh" system. One for standard stuff, like fonts and images, and other one for curves. When you try to translate from one to another they probably have rounding errors. IDK. Keep it stupid and simple. My wife is visual artist, she is pissed when her art is changed in the way she did not intend to be changed . WYSIWYG - that's how she roll
  4. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Yes, that would be good method for simple files, but try it on fonts, or better outlines around the fonts, contours. Also program to program workarounds are not recommended in any kind of workflow.
  5. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Yes, I can... but did you see PDF export options in Designer (compare it to Illustrator/Corel)? My shop accept bunch of different formats, but PDF that you got from Designer is really not useful in production (sometimes RIP, sometimes just hang in cue/rip process), I just got broken print (that cost money). When is Corel/Adobe (pre CC) PDF - it's smooth sailing. Like I said, fix the curve/expand stroke glitch, make program follow standards, and they are fine Corel did it, and all GNU/Linux stuff did it... and PDF is open standard.
  6. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    That is true. Affinity Designer is young product, but it's not made by standards, and because of that I personally can't use it. My shop accept Affinity user files, but for now only for printing (first i need to export them as tiff or something). Just this step (rasterizing) defeat the purpose of owning it, and I'm sorry about that because I generally like product. It's advertising precision, but it's simply not there when you need it (or be in standard to work). Amount of nodes is crazy, and any devices cutter have limited amount of memory for cutting, and go crazy with stuff like that. Just try to send that in any kind of production and you have a really big problem. Just drop everything else and fix foundations of program, adopt it to standards and you're going to have one awesome product.
  7. zstekovic

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Yes, I know that they will announce when it's fixed, but for vector program this is unacceptable. I'm using CorelDraw to do my work (with Adobe CS6, SAi Flexi, and other specialized programs for rip/print/cut/engrave stuff), so I do not use Designer for serious work, but I bought it, and support it in my place of business. But this bug is now running joke. Vector program that is not precise is not good program, especially if your work depend on it. Even free programs that come with cutters nail this down (Graphtec, Roland, Gerber Omega...). I hoped they did mitigate the problem with all other improvements they did (program is 400MB bigger in size then 1.6.1 version). Also, you would think that you can bypass problem with this method, but I'm doing machine cutting, and regardless that you see clean line in Designer, it's broken at export (for other programs that follow standards it's unusable). Look kind of OK, but it's not OK, not at all OK.
  8. Just to report that Expand Stroke function still suck. Check attached file, and zoom in first on top one, then on bottom. CPP TEST.afdesign
  9. zstekovic

    Import PDF

    I know, but it does not work... if I don't have fonts installed on system, they are not retrieved from pdf (embedded or subsetted ones), instead they are replaced, so it's useless in this operation.
  10. Hi to everyone, I just have a quick question/tip. Can we expect option to import of PDF/EPS (general vector files), as raster "Photoshop Import PDF" style? I do a lot of sign making, digital printing, car wrapping, and I receive files that just need to be rasterised before going into production (CREO, VersaWorks, Raster Link Pro) (font, shadows, transparencies, messy CMYK/RGB files, gradients... and so on). So this option would be awesome step of replacing my CS3 :) Thanks. p.s. eps export that works with older programs (Illustrator 10 compatibility) would be good for industry users. btw in my whole life I didn't see cleaner eps file... like hand written :)