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  1. Thanks a lot !!!!! it's great 👍
  2. Hi, Here is a dropbox link Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/niqaku86wa5sn6c/DP1M0026.X3F?dl=0
  3. Perhaps ? ... I use Sigma DP1 Merril , DP2 Merril and DP3 Merril
  4. Hi, Thanks for the improvement ... but there is a size document problem. The same X3F open with 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 beta.
  5. "Edit with" from Photo to Affinity Photo don't work with 1.7 ..worked with the 1.6.7 .
  6. In the last release on Mac there is a bug with the inpainting brush tool when we want erase a strait line with the shift key hold at the end of the line !!! Healing_.mov
  7. Hi Affinity team You make a good job !!! this release runs very fast on my "old" iMac ... congrats ;)
  8. Yes with this combination keys it works ... for adding or intersecting we can start outside the first selection ;)
  9. On the Mac version, same problem ;) only with the lasso tool and the marquee tool
  10. Hi James, Thank you for all !!!! PS: for info just a little mismatch with the "RAW colour quality" and the "32-bits RAW development"
  11. It will be great if in the "overlay" mode in the develop persona we could use the other tools like "detail refinement" .... and if we could use the "Overlay Eraser Tool " on the Overlay Gradient Tool". Thanks
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