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  1. "Edit with" from Photo to Affinity Photo don't work with 1.7 ..worked with the 1.6.7 .
  2. Can we hope that the function "edit with" Affinity Photo in Apple Photo will be ok in the release 1.7.1 ? note: it was ok in the 1.6.7
  3. I have the same problem with a simple JPG.
  4. Hi, When I open a Sigma DP1 Merrill or DP2 Merrill X3F file, there is a color problem....I know that the format is "marginal" .. but maybe it is possible to correct or improve the result .. Thanks PS: here is a file DP1M0113.X3F
  5. Depa

    Edit>inpaint crashes .107

    I had the same issue and after the reset of AP, everything is perfect
  6. Depa

    Bug with Apple Photo

    Ok, thanks for the explanations ... I will wait for version 1.7. Note: As I am just a user and not a developer, I thought that in the release notes "- Fixed inability to open photos from Apple Photos from file -> open. Now correctly asks for permission.".. would solve the problem. Regards
  7. Hi, Thanks for the beta !! In Apple photo, right click on a photo, edit in Affinity Photo Beta is not working . Works with the 1.6.7 ..... and always the same bugs with artefacts on refine mask ( see older post 12/2017 ...) Sans_titre.mov
  8. Depa

    Bug with Apple Photo

    Sorry but this bug is still there (v1.7.0.107)
  9. Hi, Using a refine selection with the last release AP crash . Here is the report : Affinity Photo Beta_2018-12-18-111249_iMAC-de-Pascal.wakeups_resource.diag Affinity Photo Beta_2018-12-18-110704_iMAC-de-Pascal.wakeups_resource.diag
  10. Depa

    Refine selection crash

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, I have these 2 crashs with the same file ... after resetting the app, all is ok .... except the artefacts on the mask ...
  11. Depa

    Bug with Apple Photo

    Hi, the problem is still there in the 105 !!!
  12. Depa

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Hi, - Fixed inability to open photos from Apple Photos from file -> open. Now correctly asks for permission. Sorry but does not work... for me
  13. I don't know what is wrong ... Affinity Photo Beta_2018-11-21-115554_MacBook-Pro15-de-Pascal.crash
  14. Hi MEB, I reset the app and no other crash ... thanks
  15. ....... and the media browser in AP is totally unusable .... !!!
  16. In the last release on Mac there is a bug with the inpainting brush tool when we want erase a strait line with the shift key hold at the end of the line !!! Healing_.mov
  17. It will be great if in the "overlay" mode in the develop persona we could use the other tools like "detail refinement" .... and if we could use the "Overlay Eraser Tool " on the Overlay Gradient Tool". Thanks
  18. Hi Chris, .... but the « edit with » does not work ... Regards
  19. Hi, In addition to the tutorial by Team Affinity on masks. Affinity Photos offers 3 types of masks: highlights, midtones and shadows. In some cases, this is not enough and it is possible to create graduated masks which allow more precise adjustments. That's what I did and that I present on this screen shot. Sans titre 3.tiff
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    Bingo !!! After resetting the app : 5'14 ;) :wub:
  21. Depa


    Hi, My new MacBook Pro 15 : I7 , SSD 1T, CPU 2.9, GPU 460 Pro 4Go Runs the macro in 13'33" Very bad result for a very expensive machine !!!!
  22. Hi Affinity team You make a good job !!! this release runs very fast on my "old" iMac ... congrats ;)
  23. Depa


    8mn 15 ...iMac 21,5 pouces, fin 2012, 2,9 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3, SSD 512 ... not to bad !!!
  24. Yes with this combination keys it works ... for adding or intersecting we can start outside the first selection ;)
  25. Only any of them are working using key