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  1. Hi conrad2k Could you post some screenshots showing how the shadow recovery in the Develop persona is not doing what you would like? There is plenty of time for the algorithm to be changed. Cheers Justin
  2. Hi markw The tool seems to be working as intended. It fills the destination patch with whatever pixels best preserve the image gradients (i.e. the detail) from the source patch while also producing a seamless boundary. It works best when the source and destination patches have only slowly varying colours. In that case the result will blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, something that can be hard to achieve with the clone tool or copy/paste when the source and destination regions have even slightly different colours. In the example image in your original post the undesirable red tinge is caused by the source patch extending slightly across the edge of the cow so it contains a sharp change from brown to green. It's best to avoid sharp edges when using the patch tool. Hope that helps Justin
  3. Hi Laverda3c Thank you for pointing this out. It's now been fixed. Cheers Justin
  4. Hi abarkalo Do you think the result is fuzzier than you are used to from the App Store version of Photo? What resolution is the image? The blockiness comes from the original jpeg. It becomes more apparent as the matting process aligns changes in alpha with changes in the colour channels, including jpeg block boundaries. It's on my list to try to mitigate this. Cheers Justin
  5. Audie, are you using the beta version of the app? If not, you might like to sign up to the beta programme by following the instructions in Andy Somerfield's post at the top of this forum. andrew_p, for TestFlight apps we get crash reports automatically via Apple. For App Store apps we get crash reports if you have the right privacy settings (Privacy -> Analytics -> Share iPad Analytics enabled and Share With App Developers enabled)
  6. Hi donka Thank you for reporting this, I'll get it fixed. It seems to happen only when pressing the Render button, not if you just switch back to the hand tool, which renders the transformed panorama automatically. Cheers Justin
  7. This was supposed to be fixed in Beta 3. Is that the version you are using?
  8. Hi Jfullerco Did the crashing with Haze Removal start with the current beta or did it happen with the appstore version? How often does it happen? Cheers Justin
  9. Hopefully by the end of the week
  10. I believe this has been fixed for the next update. Let us know if the problem persists.
  11. Hi chopinheir Thank you for the detailed report, we have now reproduced the problem. I think it's to do with it being a portrait RAW, landscape should be fine.
  12. Hi Memoryweaver Thank you for reporting this. We've found the cause of the banding and it will be fixed.
  13. Yes, documents created on a mac should look identical when opened on an iPad.
  14. Thank you for reporting this. The gamma property of the Levels adjustment is being ignored (and the UI is missing on the iPad). I think this might cause what you are seeing.
  15. Hi evtonic3 Thanks for pointing this out. I think it happens if you have chosen to use Apple (Core Image RAW) in the Develop assistant options. Cheers Justin