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  1. Hi ronnyb Does it make any difference if hardware acceleration is disabled? Thanks Justin
  2. Justin

    Artifacts when trying to develop RAW

    Hopefully by the end of the week
  3. Justin

    Artifacts when trying to develop RAW

    I believe this has been fixed for the next update. Let us know if the problem persists.
  4. Justin

    Liquify persona results turn out different

    Hi chopinheir Thank you for the detailed report, we have now reproduced the problem. I think it's to do with it being a portrait RAW, landscape should be fine.
  5. Justin

    Poor quality import of Canon .CR2 RAW files

    Hi Memoryweaver Thank you for reporting this. We've found the cause of the banding and it will be fixed.
  6. Justin

    Retouching current and below layers

    Yes, documents created on a mac should look identical when opened on an iPad.
  7. Justin

    Retouching current and below layers

    Thank you for reporting this. The gamma property of the Levels adjustment is being ignored (and the UI is missing on the iPad). I think this might cause what you are seeing.
  8. Hi p_mac Thanks for pointing this out. It will be fixed in beta 7. Cheers Justin
  9. Hi Marco This is a bug. Thank you for pointing it out. It will be fixed. Justin
  10. Justin

    Refine selection problem

    Hi csp My guess is that the foreground image originally had a much paler background than the sky blue colour against which you have composited it. This background is being partially retained in the areas where the mask is semi-transparent, causing the halo. To avoid this you can output from the Refine dialog as a new layer rather than a mask. This will create a layer containing just the inferred foreground colours and replacing the original background with transparency. Justin
  11. Hi TZphoto Yes, this is a known bug triggered by turning off the Lens Correction (Objektivkorrektur) section. It has been fixed for the next build. Justin
  12. Hi thw You can type in values larger than 100 pixels, up to 1024 pixels. Justin
  13. There is a dedicated Frequency Separation filter which is mathematically equivalent to the Apply Image method in PS if my memory serves correctly. There is also an Apply Image filter. It lacks channel specific blending - in Affinity the way to do that kind of thing is by using spare channels in the channels panel.
  14. Hi txmx There is an Inpainting option in the Edit|Fill... dialog. I've just tried filling a hole by using the magic wand tool and filling. It was not successful at the first attempt as the magic wand selection did not include the semi-transparent pixels. I needed to grow the selection (Select|Grow/Shrink...) by 1 pixel before filling. Justin
  15. mjazzphotoz Yes, I agree we haven't been communicative enough about this issue. It was a last minute decision to (temporarily) disable the dropdown. I can only apologise and ask your understanding that we have had a lot of things to do recently. Justin