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  1. Hi Brad We've fixed a bug that was probably causing your issue so you might want to try it again when the next beta is released, which shouldn't be too long. Cheers Justin
  2. Brad, could you try turning off hardware acceleration in Preferences|Performance please? Thanks Justin
  3. Thanks for trying that Brad. I think this suggests the data has already been corrupted by the time it does the noise reduction and corrupted in such a way that the noise reduction code doesn't cope with it, which narrows things down a bit.
  4. Hi Brad All the crashes are happening during noise reduction, so could you try turning off noise reduction in Develop Assistant (reached via the icon that looks like a butler's tuxedo towards the right of the toolbar), run the batch again and see if it still crashes. Thanks Justin
  5. Hi numberonesoniafan Thanks for reporting this. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong as yet, but I note that if I change the format to RGB/32 (HDR) before converting from the scanner profile to ProPhoto, then it seems to work correctly. Regards Justin
  6. Hi NotMyFault If you disable "All layers" in the selection brush it will be quicker. The "All layers" option requires rendering the noise reduction live filter, the lab curves and the gaussian blur filter effect at full resolution for at least some of the document, which will take some time, hence the delay. You should only turn on the "All layers" option when you really need it, i.e. edges are derived from multiple layers. In your cut down document all the edges are derived from the one pixel layer, so maybe you don't need "All layers". Regards Justin
  7. Hi nomi02118 The file is a panorama merged in Lightroom but we are treating it as an out-of-camera RAW file and applying lens profile corrections when we shouldn't. As a work around, in Develop go to the 'Lens' page and turn off chromatic aberration correction and the other lens profile corrections. Hope that helps Justin
  8. Hi Jeroen There are a few isolated pixels in your file that have red channel values of NaN (not a number). The live denoise filter is getting confused by these and producing black squares centred on the corrupt pixels. I'm guessing the image comes from a RAW file via the Develop persona. Do you remember what adjustments you applied in Develop? Thanks Justin
  9. Hi hanshab Thank you for reporting this. A fix has been implemented for 1.7.2. In the meantime is you disable hardware acceleration it will work as expected. Justin
  10. There will be an option to use the old filter. I will seek to make improvements to the new filter in the future.
  11. Hi Steve Thank you for posting your image. I agree you can get a better result on this image using the old filter, which is disappointing. We will reinstate it as an option in 1.7.2. Cheers Justin
  12. Hi Steve Can you post some sample images to illustrate the problem, please? If you include the original image I will do some tests. Thanks Justin
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