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  1. That's right, the slider ranges probably won't match.
  2. Hi Steve Can you post some sample images to illustrate the problem, please? If you include the original image I will do some tests. Thanks Justin
  3. Hi Nigel This is to be expected. The destructive filter estimates the noise level throughout the image and scales the intensity of the effect accordingly. The live filter cannot do this as the full image is not available to it due to the tiled nature of the rendering pipeline. Justin
  4. Hi Daniel I can reproduce this if I set the Rendering Intent in Colour Preferences to Absolute Colorimetric. Is that what you have set? If so, does it behave as it used to if you change to Relative Colorimetric? Justin
  5. Yes, I can reproduce this. I'm not sure what the problem is yet but it will be fixable.
  6. Hi Hanterdro I believe this has now been fixed. Thanks for your help. Justin
  7. Hi Hanterdro What you are seeing is not expected. The selective colour adjustment has been rewritten but adjustments created in previous versions should be preserved. They should be labelled as "Legacy Selective Colour Adjustment" in the layers panel. Do your adjustments have this label? Note that if you edit a legacy adjustment it will be updated to the new version and a toast will appear saying this has happened. This is all working as expected on my machine. Are there any other adjustments in your document that might be at fault? Regards Justin
  8. Hi j3rry Good spot. This has now been fixed. Thanks Justin
  9. Justin

    fx border fault

    Hi j3rry The problem was with how the DNG was developed - it made it very slightly transparent and the border fx always recolours partly transparent pixels. I think the problem with Develop has now been fixed (in RC1). To fix your .afphoto file you should fill the alpha channel of the pixel layer. I usually do this by turning off editing of the other channels in the Channels panel and then painting over everything with white. Thank you for reporting this. Justin
  10. Hi ronnyb Does it make any difference if hardware acceleration is disabled? Thanks Justin
  11. Justin

    Artifacts when trying to develop RAW

    Hopefully by the end of the week
  12. Justin

    Artifacts when trying to develop RAW

    I believe this has been fixed for the next update. Let us know if the problem persists.
  13. Hi chopinheir Thank you for the detailed report, we have now reproduced the problem. I think it's to do with it being a portrait RAW, landscape should be fine.
  14. Justin

    Poor quality import of Canon .CR2 RAW files

    Hi Memoryweaver Thank you for reporting this. We've found the cause of the banding and it will be fixed.