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  1. Though if I were being picky... If I have the list showing and scroll down using the arrow keys, when I get to "pin light" only the top half of the words show and further down "hue" doesn't show up.
  2. Thanks, for fixing this, guys. This is sooo much easier to use!
  3. .... actually, I use the wheel on the mouse as much as the scroll bar ....
  4. Thanks, carl123. The downside to this method seems to be that each down arrow press records a separate item in the history box. I now realise why I couldn't remember and that is because I didn't use arrow keys, anyway - so this was new to me. Rather, I just used the scroll bar, if necessary, to get to the section of blend modes I wanted and then hovered the cursor over the different blend modes to see what they did.
  5. And here. And it seems to do the same in the production build 1.8.3. I can't remember how it worked pre 1.8.3.
  6. Hi Chris This still seems to be a problem - including the latest beta. Thanks Nigel
  7. Hi. Can the search line on the help screen (available pressing F1) be made lighter, please? It is so dark, I can barely see where to type in my search and it often causes the top of the help screen to seem to merge with the rest of the screen. The light UI version shows up nicely, of course, but I generally prefer the dark UI. Many thanks.
  8. Hi. Not sure if this is a bug - or by design or it has to work this way and I've only just noticed... When using the paint brush sliders to change opacity, flow or hardness, if I move the cursor away from the sider it comes away as an arrow instead of the brush. To get the brush, I have to click somewhere. Unfortunately, gammy paws here either manages to click on the "invisible" part of the slider and so change the value; clicks on the image and gets a brush mark where not wanted; or clicks just off the image and gets a bit of an unwanted brush mark on the image where the brush is rather wider than the pointer. When using the actual numbers to change value, this isn't accepted until I click but the cursor does come away as a brush and not a pointer so I know where/how large the brush stroke will appear - though I do have to click on the image (or tab on or off the image). Thanks.
  9. Hi. If I select a tool and then use the space bar to get the hand cursor icon to move the photo about, when I release the space bar the hand stays showing instead of immediately reverting back to the original tool icon. That feels odd. Often, the hand will change to the tool if I move the mouse, which isn't ideal - or click which I may not want to do as that activates the tool. However, in some cases the hand remains there (again unless I click or) unless I move it to the tool bar and back again (without clicking, doesn't need to be the same tool). This has happened with the floodfill tool, selection brush and colour picker - I haven't tried many other tools. Thanks. Nigel
  10. Hi. If I make a section using the marquee tools or selection brush and then resize (using grow/shrink) I get the following oddities: 1. For a circle, when shrinking it, the shape soon becomes square-like even with the circle box ticked. 2. If I move the cursor out of the grow/shrink box and move it up/down or left/right whilst moving the mouse (left click) in one direction the selection will shrink then grow (or vice versa) instead of continuing to shrink (or grow). A while ago I asked about the possibility of being able to centre a square or circle selection about the mouse position so that it would grow equally outward from the mouse point, which I found useful in Elements (sorry for mentioning "them"!) for precise positioning. Is there any chance this might be implemented in Photo? Many thanks. Nigel
  11. Thanks, both. Just to be clear, the numbers on the settings sliders won't therefore be comparable? And you won't be able to get the same intensity (if that's the right word) of smoothness out of the live filter at maximum (which seems to be the case)? Cheers. Nigel.
  12. Hi. Trying out the two methods of denoise filter with the same settings, I get a very different look from each method - much smoother using the destructive filter. Is this supposed to happen this way? Same result on and beta 1.404. Thanks, Nigel.
  13. I'm surprised that if a circle shape can be done centre outwards that a selection can't - but perhaps it's too techie (though lowly Elements had it). Anyway, thanks guys for the workaround. However, I'm being thick or click happy, but I can't seem to work this (new) option correctly. Is there some instruction you could point me to? Many thanks.
  14. Hi. Could I add my voice to those requesting the ability to draw a circle (or other regular shape) selection from the centre i.e. outwards from the cursor which is positioned at the centre? Many thanks.
  15. Hi Paul Fellow newbie here. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are doing, if you shoot in B&W but in raw then when you load to the processing program the raw file shows in colour (as with Lightroom) and you then process the file to make it B&W. If you shoot in jpeg then I think you do get B&W from the outset. So this sounds normal, I think. I haven't tried the Canon software (which perhaps you've been using?), but I have a vague recollection that does give B&W from the outset. Cheers Nigel
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