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  1. So... I have an image that was imported from a PDF where I've been doing some color changes. When I first added an HSL Adjustment layer, all was cool. Left the tab open, went off, did other things... eventually back to the work at hand, double-clicked to modify, get the screenshot for the panel. Closing and reopening the editor panel does not change the behavior. macOS 11.0.1 (intel MBP2018 15" 32G, 2.9 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i9, Radeon Pro Vega 20 4 GB, Metal enabled), Affinity Photo 1.8.6 A bug? Seems to be environmental in some fashion since closing the file and reloading from disk makes the issue go away. ETA: This happened on a non-retina external display. I did not test whether it happened on the built-in display before reloading the file and the problem disappearing. ETA 2: It has something to do with non-retina displays and/or moving the panel to the retina display causes a "corrective" redraw. Obviously, the condition re-occurred -- I moved the HSL edit panel to the internal display, the layout corrected itself, even after returning the panel to the non-retina external.
  2. FWIW, I'd also be curious (on the suspected behalf of someone troubleshooting this) whether those shadow-elements (for example. the sliders on the right incorrectly appearing inside the Layers panel) are functional or simply visual artifacts. It would mean different kinds of errors behind the scenes if those things that are in the wrong place are functional or not. Separately, if you purchased from the Affinity Store, you should be able to download older versions directly (link culled from other support posts: https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/macos/photo/1/). If you're using the Mac App Store version, you're stuck.
  3. @Patrick Connor Confirmed that I can now see this item in the macro editor - thank you! macOS 1.8.4 I assume the duplication displayed is legit and because I couldn't tell what was going on during the original macro recording.
  4. @Justin @Chris B @MEB Recreating the test with Beta, Metal accelerator on: Crash: NO Corruption: NO (at least none seen through my 2x QuickLook scan of the 487 images, the same visual scan that easily found errant images in the past) Looks good.
  5. Hi @Chris B, Never mind. Looking at the timestamps of the images, it seems I'm erroneously including the scope image in the panorama (thanks for the hint from photoshop -- that might be an awesome feature request for Photo) and that's throwing everything off. I have some others taken at the same time with the same level of haziness that are stitching properly. As of now, please close this one as PEBCAK.
  6. So, I have an admittedly challenging panorama I'm trying to stitch. It is from Pike's Peak, CO looking over the valley so the features at a distance can be very similar. On my 9-image stitch, it always puts what should be the left-hand border in the center, and goes from there. I've tried cleaning up the component frames a bit (and exporting to EXR) to enhance the detail but either I haven't done enough cleanup or it's not helping. I currently consider reliably mis-ordering components (even in a challenging composition) a bug. What I'm looking for (aside from a magic fix ) would be some suggestions on what is actually causing it (in order to avoid it in the future) and if there's a way to force the linear order because I haven't found such (re-arranging frames with drag+render doesn't change the canvas size and thus requires too much fiddling with every component frame). This specific example photo set is from 2010 and isn't that great so there's no particular damage done here except it's a convenient repro case for the stitch failure. Files attached (along with screenshots of the stitch attempt -- I haven't bothered saving any broken results yet). Attempted with both 1.8.3 and with no noticeable change in behavior. CRW_1400.CRW CRW_1401.CRW CRW_1402.CRW CRW_1403.CRW CRW_1404.CRW CRW_1405.CRW CRW_1406.CRW CRW_1407.CRW CRW_1408.CRW
  7. Turning off Hardware Acceleration appears to have eliminated the image result corruption in the 1-test-pass-per-version (production and beta) against the same dataset.
  8. Glad to help. If you need additional info, just ask.
  9. @MEB @Chris B Results: External source, internal destination Environment Change as requested: Noise reduction = "Take No Action" Beta Crash = NO, Result image corruption = YES Production 1.8.3: Crash = NO, Result image corruption = YES I have to say, this surprised me. I had pretty much assumed the corruption was a function of the crash during parallel processing but now it looks like they are separate issues.
  10. Hi @Justin, production, beta, or does it matter? Also, it's currently set to "color reduction" -- you want it set to "Take no action"? On a side note, has that setting always been there? Thanks for pointing it out -- it looks like I have more configuration to do to turn things off.
  11. @MEB @Chris B 172 of 487 before the crash, source and destination both internal. Definite image corruption involved. ~600GB free. Report attached. Affinity Photo Beta_2020-07-21-083715_SpamBook2018.crash
  12. @MEB @Chris B And while that additional test is running, I checked the console logs. In this pass, nothing identifiable is coming up (no read errors, no device timeouts, etc) with respect to the source device.
  13. Hi @MEB, I haven't. There are many, many permutations I have not tried. I'll give it a shot though.
  14. @Chris B Oh well, crashy crashy in Crash report attached. Seemingly irrelevant (but who knows at this point) details that haven't been noted previously: Source media: SanDisk Extreme SSD, USB 3/C connected to OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock (front port) Destination media: MBP2018 Internal storage I'm scrolling to the end of the batch item list and leaving it there, ostensibly to be able to see the progress on the last few chunks of processing -- I noticed I did it originally so have continued to do so. In this test with the beta, 121 of 487 files "processed", quick visual shows at least one file with corruption. Affinity Photo Beta_2020-07-21-073120_SpamBook2018.crash
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