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  1. Every so often while moving a layer, the layer I’m trying to move will get stuck on screen. See attached. I will have to force quit the app to refresh the menu. I also often experience random moments where the screen is unresponsive. I can’t zoom, scroll, or rotate or select/deselect for a few seconds and then control returns. I’m on a 2018 12.9” iPad Pro with the latest version of designer. Is this a thing? thanks D3973B69-A6BC-4A82-88F3-315674D360ED.MOV
  2. Specifically the type tools. When I copy/paste text it inherits the formatting used previously instead of having no format. Makes for extra steps to undo/redo the formatting. Thanks
  3. It would be great to be able to name new documents as they are being set up. And also to have access to name/rename while working without having to exit out to the file browser. Thanks
  4. When I crop an image in the photos app, save it to my camera roll and then place it in Designer, I places the uncropped image. Feature? bug? Thanks
  5. Derrick Phillips

    Tools/menu palette color or contrast

    Thanks, I’ll submit a feature request (and tighten up my squinting skills).
  6. Is it possible to change the color or contrast of the tools and palettes? It’s tough to glance over to see what tool is where and also, in the case of assets, if they are black, they almost disappear. You can see what I mean in the attached screenshot. Thanks!
  7. Derrick Phillips

    Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

    Life. Saver. Thanks!
  8. Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to show specific studio items? I know that I can modify the command to show all studio tabs, but I would like to show and hide assets separate from other tabs. Thanks!
  9. Derrick Phillips

    Moving items with the position slider in the Transform menu

    Hi, This issue is still a bit of a problem. Just wanted to let you know and/or see if there is any progress. thanks.
  10. Derrick Phillips

    Palm Rejection option when using Apple Pencil?

    I’m having a problem with palm rejection as well. If I start with my palm touching, the iPad will not start to draw. If I rest my palm after starting it will deisengage the too I’m using and/or deselect. I am also unable to touch the screen to constrain proportions to resize an object. Has as something changed? thanks.
  11. Derrick Phillips

    Default brush

    I’m not exactly sure which brush it is. But you can see it in the screenshot. What i’d Like to do is have it default to a simple brush so I can edit/make a mask.
  12. Derrick Phillips

    Default brush

    Whenever I make a new mask layer and go to edit it, it gives me a very artistic brush that is no good for editing masks. Is it possible to change the default brush in Photo for iPad? thanks
  13. Derrick Phillips

    Moving items with the position slider in the Transform menu

    I just signed up for the beta (I thought I already had). Thanks!