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  1. I’m not exactly sure which brush it is. But you can see it in the screenshot. What i’d Like to do is have it default to a simple brush so I can edit/make a mask.
  2. Whenever I make a new mask layer and go to edit it, it gives me a very artistic brush that is no good for editing masks. Is it possible to change the default brush in Photo for iPad? thanks
  3. I just signed up for the beta (I thought I already had). Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is there any word on this issue? Moving things in (iPad) Affinity Photo has become quite a chore, Trying to drag things takes several tries because the objects distort instead of move and trying to use the sliders takes several tries as well (due to this issue). Thanks
  5. Thanks! It's very random when it happens. As soon as I tried to record it, it stopped happening for a while! (of course!)
  6. When moving items with the position slider in the Transform menu, whatever I am moving snaps back to its original spot and I have to move it again. Sometimes several times. See attached video. IMG_0401.TRIM.MOV