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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply and thanks for passing this over. When working with text layers in AP the native software keyboard really is quite insufficient without cursor keys, so this would be greatly appreciated. All the best again and sorry for posting this in the bugs forum (I agree that the feature request area would have been better for that), oliwetti
  2. Hi there, I noticed some strange behavior when working with the padkeys.app keyboard in Affinity Photo for ipad. The cursor keys which I find very important to move around in text layers don't work at all but also the responsiveness when marking text in order to edit it is somewhat slow and laggy. The cursor position after having selected and erased a word behaves strangely. If you type in a new word, the first letter appears always at the end of the word. With the "normal" keyboard that is integrated in ios everything is fine, but then you don't have the cursor keys that I think are a big plus for those who don't work with an external keyboard. Hope this is worth looking into. Other than that: great job with Affinity Photo, this really is the way to go on ios. Looking very much forward to the following apps! All the best, oliwetti
  3. Thanks!! I really appreciate the way you guys handle things. Keep up the good work and all the best from Stuttgart, Germany
  4. ok, I uploaded a few jpegs that, as a whole will cause a crash on every machine I have here. If I try only three in the beginning it works, after one crash though it does not. Hope this helps. Cheers, oliwetti
  5. Hi everyone, I've read in this forum, that a few others are having the same problem with Affinity Photo crashing when combining several images to an HDR-combination. Same here unfortunately. I think that the file type (raws or jpegs) has no influence on AP crashing, maybe it's the number of images that are combined? With less than 4 images the crashes are less frequent than with 4 and up. I checked on several Mac systems, the crashes are reproducable. Cheers, oliwetti
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