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  1. And I want Winding (Non-Zero) to be the default Fill Mode in Affinity Designer. Or at least I can set it as my "default".
  2. In Inkscape, I only need to set this once. In Illustrator also only need to set it once. But in AD the setting will return to "Alternate" when I create a new object. This is very troublesome.
  3. Hi Sean P, Actually I prefer to work in Winding (non-zero) mode because I need curves in the counter direction to work with Fontlab. But I did not find a way to make Winding (non-zero) mode can be used as the default fill mode. The problem in version 1.8.2 is, after I do "subtract", then I have to change the fill mode to "winding" and again I have to change the direction of one of them. That's too troublesome. In version 1.8.0 after changing the fill mode to "winding" I no longer need to change the direction.
  4. Hi all! Is there a way to apply winding (non-zero) as the default fill mode? In version 1.8.0 after 'subtract', I don't need to do a 'reverse curve' when I apply winding (non-zero) mode but in version 1.8.2 I have to do it. I think this is a bug.
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