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  1. frankc

    LUT export issues

    I tried the latest beta and the channel swapping has indeed been fixed. Photo will be a beast for colour grading once these other issues get sorted The 32bit file support soundly trounces Photoshop's abilities in this area.
  2. frankc

    LUT export issues

    I was hoping to use Affinity Photo to create cube LUTs for use in the Unity game engine but the exported LUTs are not consistent with the adjustments that have been applied. Note that I'm aware of the RB channel swapping bug and I'm manually correcting that as outlined in this forum post. At first I thought this may have been an issue with the 32bit workflow required by Unity but some simple tests on 8bit screenshots show incorrect results as well. Some one-off adjustments like Levels or HSL work fine, but others like Shadows & Highlights are not properly exported. Multiple stacked adjustments just tend to go coo coo bananas I've attached an (extreme) example with the original adjustments in a group and the resulting LUT imported back into Photo in a new LUT adjustment layer. Toggle between the originals and the LUT layer to see what I mean. I've also seen NAN values in some exported cube files and I can try to repo that as well if needed. I'm running Affinity Photo 1.5.2 on macOS 10.12.6. Any help will be appreciated! LUT Test.afphoto
  3. I haven't used Affinity much as of yet but I've run into a few bugs and some other issues that may or may not be "bugs" but might hinder or frustrate your typical Mac user. These apply to the release version as well as the current beta (1.0.19988). 1. Space+command invokes the zoom-in tool, but if you hit command first (even by a hair) you get the hand tool and you're stuck till you release and hit command again. Trying to hit space+option+command at the same time is even worse. Admittedly, mashing these keys is a bad habit I picked up as a long time Adobe user but it's hard to stop now :( 2. Slices don't reposition or resize when changing the document size. Neither when rescaling or when anchored on the middle/right/bottom. 3. Enable the separated UI mode, place a designer file into a fresh document, duplicate that object a few times, then double click the last copy and make some edits. Live updates only happen on that last copy till you zoom in/out and see the others have indeed updated too. 4. Text objects don't seem to snap to placed image bounds? Now, these next few might paint me as a Mac-nazi but I really feel apps should integrate best they can with whatever platform they're running on... 5. Command key usage is inconsistent with typical behaviour. With the move tool, both command-drag and option-drag makes a copy, and command-dragging transform handles makes things transform from center. In both cases the option key (and only the option key) is more "Mac like". E.g. Try drag-copying a text selection in any Mac app with command vs option, or resizing any Mac window while holding those keys ;) 6. Option-dragging to make a copy should make a copy even if the option key was pressed after the mouse was clicked. Again, this is typical system-wide behaviour. 7. Another odd modifier is control-drag to change the move tool's marquee selection behaviour. Command would be a better choice to not interfere with the context menu - and you wouldn't need that nasty preference to disable a standard system behaviour ;) 8. Should probably get rid of the window shadows on floating toolbars/palettes in separated mode. They overlap neighbouring/docked palettes and can muddy things up. 9. Would be nice if document windows used the standard Mac file proxy icon and dirty-file indicator on the close button, especially in separated mode. In single-window mode these could reflect the current tab/document. Sorry for the wall-of-text posts, I'm really liking Affinity Designer and just want to see it get bigger and better. Not sure if I should be splitting bug reports into individual posts but a forum is always awkward for this sort of thing.
  4. Been lurking here a while, figured I should start posting ;) I'm really liking Affinity Designer so far and glad to see many of my would-likes on the roadmap and many more already discussed and on the radar, but there are a few core things I'm really missing as a long time Illustrator user - and I mean long time - since version 88! I admit some of this stuff is ingrained but I'm trying to keep an open mind and shifting my workflow as needed... 1. First I'll add my vote for transforms around an arbitrary origin, and treating node selections like first-class objects. Working without these features can quickly lead to frustration. 2. A key combo to delete selected nodes but also break the curve and delete attached segments (maybe option-delete?) Achieving this right now requires a selection, click on a toolbar button, another selection, and finally hitting delete. Ugh. 3. A toggle in the layer palette to quickly disable/enable all effects on a layer/object, or even a key combo like shift or option-clicking the "fx" icon. I find I use this a lot in Photoshop while tweaking shapes or just for A/B comparison. 4. "Apply Transform" function to destructively apply current transforms a curve object's nodes and reseting the transform. Right now everything has a "Convert to Curves" function but that seems to do nothing on objects that are already curves. You can stuff objects into new groups/layers to kinda handle this right now but that quickly gets messy. 5. This is more of 3D app convention, but a user interface option to make scrollwheels zoom by default would compliment the middle-click-drag panning nicely. Addressing the first 3 alone would help us Adobe old timers greatly :D