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  1. Curvature Combs visualize the curvature of a Bezier curve in order to enable the designer to draw smoother curves. See section 2.11 here: http://cagd.cs.byu.edu/~557/text/ch2.pdf Often I find my self in position that I drew a curve but it just does not look smooth enough and I fiddle around until it looks smooth. Would be great to have some more clear feedback.
  2. I usually use my trackpad to zoom in and out of the canvas. Often my sloppy finger movement also causes the canvas to rotate. There does not seem to be a fast way to reset the rotation. Since I do not use the canvas rotation - as it does not work how I would expect it to, I would like to disable the rotation via trackpad entirely in order to save me resetting it every few minutes. It would be great if there was some option for doing so.
  3. When the canvas is rotated by let's say 100° and I select an object and then press the arrow keys the movement is not as I would expect. I already read the this that thread (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/16538-when-canvas-is-rotated-rectangles-are-not-drawn-rotated/) that by design the tools' behavior is not adjusted to the current rotation but especially for the arrow keys I disagree. Rotate your canvas by 180° and the arrow keys are basically useless because they are inverted and you have to invert the rotation in your head before deciding which key to press. If I have to do a mental rotation in order to do anything why would I rotate the canvas in the first place instead of just looking at the non-rotated canvas.
  4. Right clicking does not work for me... But I came across another unexpected behavior: [see attachment]
  5. Currently the pressure of the stroke's brush can be configured in a separate panel as seen in the attached image. Especially for more complex curves I find it very hard to adjust the graph in the panel to correctly match the segments of the curve. It would be really great to have a tool that shows the control points of the pressure graph directly on the canvas next to the spline so that the thickness of the path can adjusted in an immediate feedback loop. I imagine the controls something like in the second attached file.
  6. After playing around for a while it looks like the problem is caused by the layers panel: When closing the layers panel opening the file works. When then enabling the layers panel again, the app freezes. I then tried to delete some objects from the document (by selecting them on the canvas). After deleting two ellipse layers that have an gaussian blur applied to them everything works fine again. So I guess the layers panel has issues with rendering the thumbnail for the gaussian blur of these two layers.
  7. I have been just editing an AD document. When I toggled some font layer to be invisible and then visible again the app froze. (beach ball for a few minutes, the fans of my macbook sped up). After a few minutes I force quitted the application. After starting the app again I was asked if I like to restore the unsaved changes. Yes! I like to, in order to not lose 2 hours of work. But when clicking restore the app freezes again after already showing me the correct view of the document in question. I noticed that the thumbnail of the file in the Finder shows still a very old version of the file from a few hours ago. So I was afraid to have lost all work. So I tried the following: - restarting the app again - getting asked if I like to restore the file - confirming - then hitting CMD+S really fast in order to save the file before affinity crashes It worked! The thumbnail of the file in the Finder now shows the correct version of the file. But I still can not open the document because AD freezes instantly (but is still able to render the file's content right before the freeze). I have attached the document. It would be really great if there is a possibility to work with that file again. I already tried opening it with the current AD beta (1.5.4 RC1) but it freezes as well. albatros.afdesign.zip
  8. Currently Affinity Designer can not open SVG files with embedded <style> Tags. All styles that are applied to elements via classes get discarded. I would be great if AD could support that. Another related useful feature would be to enable editing of elements inside a <defs> tag of an SVG file. I have a lot of svg files which have all their elements wrapped inside a defs tag in order to be used as sprite sheet on a web page later on. Currently when editing such a file in AD the artboard is completely empty so I need to remove the defs tag before editing and then add it back in afterwards manually. It would be cool if AD would handle that.
  9. When resizing multiple artboards at once their content gets repositioned. In the video attached you can see it in a very simple example. For for complex documents the result are even more disastrous. In the 1.5 beta it even happens that the content of the artboards get swapped: When resizing artboards 1,2 and 3 after resizing all the elements of artboard 1 are now children of artboard 3 and vice versa. The result is that none of the elements are visible anymore because they are completely outside the bounds of their new parent artboard. affinity-artboard.mov
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