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  1. Hi, there is a mismatch between the titlebar colour of the preferences window and the background colour of its toolbar as you can tell from the attached screenshots. Congrats for the release by the way!
  2. For basic shapes (like rectangles), you can simply uncheck the "absolute sizes" and the corner radius will scale with your object (because it's now relative to the size of the object). If you're talking about the corner tool, then yes I don't think it's possible right now
  3. With that option to "Automatic (best)", the app is not crashing, but the view gets really messy at 300% of zoom.
  4. Hey @MattP, I was able to reproduce it even with cleared settings! You have to set Display to "Metal" and Retina Rendering to "High quality (slowest)" in the preferences. Check out this video: AffinityCrash.mp4 And the corresponding crashlog: crashlog.txt
  5. I guys, it's me again for another bug This time it's a systematic crash while turning on the retina pixel view mode. Steps to reproduce: • Open the attached .afdesign file • Turn on the Retina pixel view mode crashFile.afdesign
  6. I really try to work with symbols, but whenever I do, after a single modification (in this case a simple colour update), all instances of that symbol are not synced and got the "dotted" style in the layers list… What's the point of a symbol if all its instances are not synced accordingly? I have that particular issue since the first introduction of symbols (1.5 if I recall correctly). This is so frustrating, I have to drag & drop the symbol all over again in my 10 artboards… To clarify, my symbols are getting synced for a short time (presumably), when I create a symbol, I dispose some instances in artboards, they are synced. But after a little while, if I decide to change something on the original symbol (or any instances actually), bam, they are not synced anymore. I don't know when they stopped being synced (maybe at the exact same moment the change occurs?) because I usually work on large files with lots of artboards, I'm not constantly checking if my symbols instances are still synced.
  7. Unlike Photoshop for example, Affinity Designer does not block the UI when loading a document, and I think it's great. I open large files (+200MB) and I can check whether they are loading or not in the application titlebar. It's great most of the time but as I work 99% of the time in fullscreen mode, this information is kind of invisible In this case, the titlebar and the dock icon is not really a good place to put that information because they're simply not visible in fullscreen mode. Anyway, this is not really a problem for me, if it's too long I just have to check the titlebar
  8. Tried the light UI for the first time and I got the same result. You're definitely not alone
  9. I'm not. It's actually an export bug. I export a SVG from AD and open it in Illustrator and it's bugged in Illustrator.
  10. Will this issue be fixed soon? I'm losing so much time… I have to open every SVG I export from AD in Illustrator because the SVG export is not reliable Affinity Designer: Illustrator:
  11. Hi Matt, I'm using the Metal view. Actually, they do reappear when I drag a new guide, otherwise, I just can't show them. (It's the exact same bug I demonstrated before in video) I guess I could send you a document as the sync problem basically happens all the time! I'll send you one as soon as possible. Great!
  12. HI guys, there are still issues with guides not being displayed. Also, symbols are still not working as expected, they stop syncing randomly… I ended up using embedded documents Edit: Expand Stroke feature is also broken ExpandStrokeBug.mp4
  13. Hi guys, I have an issue with the export feature. I want to export a glyph that is constrained into a 28×28pt rectangle, but when I try to export it, AD says that it's going to be 28.5×28pt, how is that possible? Once again, here is a video demonstrating the issue: ShapeMaskSizeIssue.mp4 Edit: I figured out why. The X origin is in fact 933.5pt, but AD says 933, despite having those settings: So it's rather a bug with the transform panel.
  14. Hi guys, I just encountered a bug with the Lock Children feature, whenever I save the file, children are moving along their parents. Here is a video: LockChildrenBug.mp4
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