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  1. Tick Favour editable text over fidelity in the panel you get when you open the PDF. Unfortunately PDFs don't generally contain information for reflowing, so this option tries to figure it out as best it can.
  2. We don't plan to split the Text Styles panel in two. However, if you have the Sort By Type option checked in the top-right menu, it should move all the character styles to below the paragraph styles, which make help. (I think the panel looks cleaner with Show Samples unchecked, too.)
  3. There's also View > Zoom > Zoom to Selection, which is Shift + Cmd + 0 on Mac by default.
  4. As I said before, if the italic setting comes from the paragraph style, then your suggestion is good.
  5. It's also a lot harder to implement. I'm afraid it's unlikely to make 1.7 at all, never mind the next beta.
  6. If the italic setting comes from the p.style, then yes, your suggestion is necessary. However, the original post did not say where the italic came from. Sometimes it is local formatting, or a character style, that happens to be applied to the first few words of the paragraph. In that case, my suggestion may help.
  7. It depends on whether the italics come from the paragraph style. If the paragraph style includes italics, then using it to format the numbers will make them italic. If it doesn't, then it won't. Either way the numbers get whatever character formatting the paragraph specifies.
  8. This is a situation where it can make sense to use the NumberedList paragraph style as a character style. That way, you have one less style to deal with, and if you change the font in NumberedList you don't have to update the font in ListNumbers too.
  9. Sorry, yes; I missed the "Library" portion. Publisher doesn't care which folder it finds the dictionary in, as long as it finds it. And if it is offering Swedish as a Hyphenation language, then it is finding it. Are you setting it via the Hyphenation option, or just setting the Spelling language and leaving Hyphenation at auto?
  10. Mainly we have too much other stuff to do. Also, it's a bit of an open-ended project to find a geometric solution that looks good in enough cases.
  11. This is by design. The text fits at the bottom of a frame if its baseline fits. Also, glyphs are allowed to have overhangs to left or right. For example, Times New Roman italic 'f' has large overhangs.
  12. No news, nor is there likely to be any.
  13. I'm afraid this isn't a priority for us at the moment. The hard part is drawing to the screen, because we have our own text engine. We'd need to write code to discover what colours the font was using.
  14. Well, File > Print, but it looks like that doesn't have the option I thought it did. File > Export has the option Don't export layers hidden by Export persona, which is what I had in mind. You can export to PDF and then print that.
  15. In Designer you can do this from the Export persona. Publisher doesn't have the Export persona, so doesn't have this feature, but you can use Designer to print documents created by Publisher.