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  1. Hi, A lot of times I have multiple ideas on how I could format some object. Like different color, position, shape or font or anything else. So I need to see which one looks the best and need to decide which way to go. My workflow for that is making different versions of that object and toggling the visibility setting of the layer/group/object. But this is very awkward, because I need go to the layers panel, hide the current object, show the next object and than again, hide the current, show the next and so on. And loop through that process multiple times until I have decided. My idea for a feature for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo would benefit from that as well, would be some sort of shortcut key that would loop through every selected object in layers panel and only sets one of them visible and hides the others. Than pressing the shortcut again, would set the next visible and hides the previous one and so on. This could be implemented easily and I think a lot of people would benefit from that. Greetings, Christoph

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