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  1. Yes works exactly the same - press tab key and all you are left with is your image interface hides....
  2. Sorry Chris - I think this is just me causing chaos - after coming back to open Affinity Beta again it seems ok. Attached is screenshot of layers panel which looks okay to me - but what I do know! . Display is 1920 x 1880 . This happened in Beta version I meant to move the topic to the correct forum- but things happened - Sorry to cause you any extra work. Take care.
  3. Sorry this is wrong forum - I will put it where it should be in the BETA forum...
  4. I don't know if this is just me but I find that the live filter shortcut at the bottom of the layer panel - which I use a lot - appears to be greyed out compared to the adjustments/ mask layer shortcuts. The shortcut still works but it seems odd and certainly makes it slightly harder to find - its no big deal but perhaps needs tidying up. Or perhaps it's meant to be that way....
  5. One way would be to select the gold area and use a highlights and shadows live filter to adjust as required.
  6. Uploaded a few old Canon 1100d raw files with obvious problems that I would look for a good raw editor to help with - have fun...
  7. Thank You Jon I have just recently installed a copy of Bridge to use as a DAM, and have worked out how to edit the details in there. Many Thanks
  8. Hello, I have just started a course on photography and am being asked if I can ensure that my name as author of the picture is embedded in the exif data. I cannot find any way of doing this. Can you help? Many Thanks David Adams
  9. Thanks very much for that, I have always used either the tool bar at the top or the small button at the bottom of the studio to access adjustments, had forgotten completely about accessing them this way. Isn't it rather over kill to have three ways of accessing adjustments? There should be a way of putting all the presets under one button... but then again I am not a programmer..so maybe not! Anyway thanks for the help, it's greatly appreciated!
  10. This is probably a silly question and I am sure I am missing something simple. But when I am in persona and go to layers and then go to new adjustment layer and then exposure and create a preset. How then do I apply that preset to another picture?
  11. hello ..if you go the develop module and under the lens tab you will find sliders to adjust your image, horizontally, vertically and also the option to rotate and scale it. In the persona module the only option is to go to the crop tool, and then take your cursor to the corner and click just outside your image, your cursor will change and a set of guidelines will appear inside your image you will then be able to rotate it using the guidelines to straighten your verticals. Hope that helps.
  12. Hello, I think what you are referring to can be found on the top right hand side of the screen under the tab colour. You should see the histogram, colour, swatches and brushes tabs. There you can change from black to white by pressing the shortcut x. That will give you the ability to erase the dirt on your image using the white paint, or if you go to far and make a mistake to rectify it by using the black paint. Also make sure you have selected a pixel layer Hope that makes sense. good luck...
  13. If you place your cursor in the box with the values you can then use your scroller on your mouse to adjust the values in single increments. Hope that makes sense!
  14. Thank you for that - got it now - as i thought I had missed something simple again! :)
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