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  1. Luc(as)

    Variable fonts problem

    Ah thanks Gary, I did search the forum for "variable font" before posting, found nothing. When variable fonts are not supported, only the default weight should show up once, which is not happening. In Calibri Variable, the outlines of the thinnest narrowest weight show up with the widths of the default Regular it seems.
  2. Variable fonts don't work yet (PS & TT flavored). In MS Word I can choose from endless named instances, in Publisher all styles are named Regular and look the same.
  3. 2 more reasons why 1bit is needed: - some type design applications only accept 1-bit clipboard content to be pasted (in the background for tracing). - I design/produce pixel fonts and symbols for consumer products: very often in 1-bit space. The Paint Brush and the Pixel tools should get special behavior in 1-bit mode: when starting to paint on a black pixel it should work as an eraser. And I wish the would be a way to make straight diagonal lines drawn with these tool snap live to grid-friendly angles. (1:1 (45 degree), 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:6, 1:6) so that diagonal bitmap lines get perfect patters.