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  1. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Illustrator. I tried, I really tried to make the pressure graph work but it just doesn't have the fine control I need. I spent more time to get a worse result which is not acceptable. I'll check back occasionally to see if this gets improved because I really would like to stop paying Adobe.
  2. Please deliver on the promise of better line width control. Apparently, it was promised to be developed in 2015, almost 4 years later no implementation is in sight. I just can't understand why the focus is on a lot of obscure niche tools when such a fundamental tool as fine line control is still missing. Pressure graph is extremely fiddly and limited for complex cases. Feature request: Thread with tons of discussion and suggestion from 2014: I was so close to finally ditching Adobe. Ain't gonna happen anytime soon it seems.
  3. Please add better stroke width control. I attempted to use Affinity Designer for complex character lineart with the pressure graph tool. Unfortunately, it works only in simple cases. When many points are added it gets incredibly fiddly to change things or to even understand which point I have to move for editing. Not to mention the pressure graph often bugging out completely in complex situations either with points merging for no reason or point not moving at all and me having to close it down and turn it back up. The current solution is simply not good enough for many complex cases. Moho Pro 12 (previously called Anime Studio Pro) has a great tool for this, simply called "line width tool". Here you can see it in action: Even Illustrator's version of this would be good to have: Just do something, please. Threads about his have been around for ages. In 2015 it was mentioned as being worked on yet it never landed. Only silence. No mentions of this improvement on the roadmap. This is such a fundamental missing feature that keeps me away from using Designer. Previous threads: 1. 2.
  4. This should've been added years ago. I can't comprehend how the software still lacks such a fundamental feature in 2018/2019.
  5. PanthenEye

    Stroke Width

    This is the single biggest downside of Designer that keeps me away from using it. 4.5 years since the thread was created, 3 years since staff members confirmed they're working on it and it's still not out. No progress, only silence here and in other line thickness control related threads. To say I'm disappointed in my Designer purchase would be an understatement. I didn't expect this from software that's touted as a competent Illustrator competitor. Everything else is good, some things great even but I can't believe the software lacks such a fundamental feature as per node line thickness control. Pressure graph is too abstract and extremely fiddly when I add lots of points, it works only for simple cases. I need fine control for my lineart and it's simply not there.