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  1. I've emailed AffinityOrders last night and got a lovely reply back today so I've just paid for Designer and Photo. With regard to other people's comments about not getting offer emails - for me, it's clearly because I didn't tick "yes" to update info and offers - probably because so often this leads to spam / junk emails. Anyway - if anyone else is in my position and has been in touch with Orders and wants to buy - I suggest you don't wait as Affinity will send an email if you have registered to accept (the little tick when you first downloaded the trial) and if you are not ticked - you won't get an offer emailed to you as you have by default asked Affinity not to contact you.
  2. I just want to say I feel your pain. The software is very powerful and I'm making this transition too after 20+ years using and teaching Adobe software. It's almost as if there could be a separate forum section for other "Adobe oldie/ Affinity newbies" to help each other out. I've found the tranistion is not like picking up Clip Studio / Krita etc etc - Affinity does enough things differently that I am struggling along at snails pace here. A happy snail may I add....
  3. Thank you! I've emailed AffinityOrders just now as I have not received any emails since my trial downloaded on 11th June. Have also warned my students to check their emails and junk filters. **EDIT** I noticed 3-4 days ago that when I tried to log in to the store - I don't have an account and it wasn't easy to see how to create one? I know I downloaded a legit copy from my personal email so I could test and I know the log-in to the forum here is a different account. Did I do something wrong or not set something up correctly when I originally downloaded the trials?
  4. Thanks for that - at the start of lockdown I informed all my students about this trial - I have spoken with at least 4 who had decided to buy into Affinity at the end of the trial period. Same goes for me - I'm finding the transition from Photoshop very hard but I'm now over 50% decided to buy Photo and Designer so if there is going to be an exclusive offer for those of us who downloaded a trial - that is very welcome. Adobe also had a lockdown offer to students around the world and this ends on 6th or 7th July - at which point there will be thousands of potential customers and potential future industry people who could be switched to Affinity users. The only thing I would say if Affinity was to do a similar offer - is send a warning email a week or so before the end of the offer so people decide whether to buy or not. Anyhow, I can inform at least 12 potential future customers after reading this thread that they need to check their emails. There may be thousands more out there after the Adobe cloud free offer to students suddenly ends next week.
  5. Hi, another new user - transferring to Affinity from Adobe as it won't run on my work mac anymore after the recent Catalina upgrade. I'm going to use Affinity on my personal laptop so I am evaluating Photo and Designer at the moment. It looks like I'm going to lose some things such as the ability to import and draw over video (Photoshop) but here are still lots of positives in the swap. I'll be surfing quietly for a while as I get used to the software but I'm discovering some important differences like select/copy paste not working quite as expected - surprised to find I pasted a layer rather than a selection but after research I found that makes sense now. One thing I'd like to ask - how people are finding Affinity for digital painting using screen tablet as opposed to image editing? I used both vector and raster brushes for painting so I'm hoping pressure sensitivity is supported and a good variety of brushes available?
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