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  1. The Paint Brush has its Erase Brush equivalent, but the Pixel Tool lacks its Erase Pixel counterpart. It would be more intuitive and useful to use the tip of my stylus to paint with the Pixel Tool and be able to quickly correct mistakes with the stylus eraser using a true Erase Pixel tool instead of the regular Erase Brush. There is an "Erase" alternate mode for the Pixel Tool that can be activated with Ctrl, but as far as I could see it cannot be bound to the stylus eraser. Hopefully this would be easy to do. It would require no new functionality, just to elevate the "Erase" mode of the pixel tool to a tool of its own and make it usable like the Erase Brush.
  2. Thanks, that's a bit more practical, at least in the editor pane with CTRL+PgDn. I just checked the other Affinity programs and I see that in most other panels where there is a list of objects there is no support for the arrow keys to browse through them. That would be a nice little usability detail to fix.
  3. I don't see the problem. The behaviour would be analogous to file managers with a preview pane: the display pane is set to the first object clicked (or the first object of the selection if no there were no clicks). That is how the Windows Explorer does it, and would be intuitive to many users. Even if there is some other reason for reserving single-click for selecting and double-click for showing the spread, it would be good to have a "browsing mode" option. It needn't be more than a checkbox that toggles between the two behaviours. It would also be nice to be able to use the arrow keys to browse and select spreads in the Pages pane. The arrow keys currently do nothing on Windows (public beta
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