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  1. I can definitely understand this .. but it seems odd to have to click the Artboard in the Canvas or Layers Panel in order to access that. The Multifunctional Transform could still exist but maybe Artboard gives more control. I only really noticed this because once the document is set up with an Artboard, you can no longer modify the document settings. So it left me wondering what/where I went wrong.
  2. I'd love to see a separate Artboard tab that can control the position/size of Artboards instead of relying on the Transform tab. Coming from Illustrator, I think its a small quality of life update that could benefit many users.
  3. I've noticed that in the latest build that at times I'm unable to update Document Settings, specifically dimensions, when an Artboard is created. At first, it seemed like it wasn't updating when grids (isometric) were enabled. Now, I opened a new file and if an artboard is created there's no way to modify the document setup unless I modify the Artboard through the Tranform tab, which seems a bit odd. Even creating a brand new document won't allow me to modify the document after the fact. Is this by design? Maybe there should be a dedicated Artboard tool/panel if that's the case? https://www.dropbox.com/t/Ww7NywrJMTyTRWrt
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