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  1. Publisher will only be a match for InDesign if it can open the files. By the introduction of InDesign Adobe knew it has te be able to open Quark Express and Pagemaker files. When this will not be possible it is dead before birth. Publisher works nice and fast, good work. Now compatibly and i will purchase it.
  2. I have several thousands Indesign layouts on my Mac. As long as OSX support my Creative Suite 6 converting to pdf could be a option. But i am afraid that the OS after Mojave will no longer support my Creative Suite 6. At that time i will no longer be able to convert my InDesign files to pdf.
  3. I have downloaded the Beta version of Publisher. I found out that it is not possible to open or import InDesign files. I hope this will be possible with the final version. Years ago i have worked with Adobe Pagemaker and made the transition to Indesign. In InDesign was ik possible to open "Pagemaker" and "Quark Express" files. That was a smooth and easy transition. When Publisher will not be able to open or import InDesign files i can not open all my files that i have made over more than 10 years. That would be a huge obstacle. So ...........
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