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  1. stmartin

    Panels vs menu bar

    I doubt that would have helped me here. Why not just make the panels layout saveable?
  2. stmartin

    Panels vs menu bar

    Hi Jon, No, my menu bar is NOT set to auto hide. Maybe because it was on my second screen. I do encounter a similar bug in Adobe Illustrator, where one specific palette pushes all my palettes to the main screen, but at least I can always reset them to a saved state. Which I would love to have in your applications.
  3. As I tried to rearrange my panels on my second screen, I accidentally pushed them under the menu bar. So I had to turn off the menu bar in the system preferences to move them again. And can you please make the studio panels layout saveable? It is a lot of work to arrange them like I want to. Thank you!
  4. stmartin

    UI inconsistency

    You're right about the first and last example. The problem with the single link is that I did not recognise it as such. I thought it was a pill or a paper clip. That has nothing to do with the fact that more than two values can be linked here. Also, I agree with the position of the single link, the problem is that I didn't recognize it as a button with a function.
  5. In the text panel alone there can be found two different icons for linking values. And in the transformation panel there is another variation to the icon. Also I did not recognise the icon next to the word gutter as a button. See screenshot attached.
  6. Another UI glitch in the German version. The „Use auto-hyphenation” translation is very narrow.
  7. stmartin

    Ctrl w gone

    @Chris_K But it was a default shortcut in previous versions.
  8. stmartin

    v.145 problems

    Totally agree with @robinp, especially point 4. It's a bit frustrating that we can't seem to explain to Affinity why the percentage display is so important to us designers.
  9. stmartin

    Outside the frame

    Same here in Publisher with adobe Garamond Pro.
  10. Maybe this is to change them all at once if you don't use "Single radius"? What I also found is that the quick info for each of the four corner styles says "Rectangle".
  11. stmartin

    Testing Affinity Publisher (Mac) Auto-Update

    Updated perfectly from .139 on two different iMacs.
  12. You can find this topic already right here…
  13. Or as Adobe products do with a question mark.
  14. I totally agree with @anweid. @MEB As for point 1 I would assume the complete opposite: You do not want to change a master page from a document page.