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  1. Hi I made a document in CMKY and set the Text to pure Black (0/0/0/100) as ist is the normal behaviour in printing. When I convert the document to another profile, the Color looks like (73/67/63/84), which would leads to problems in printing the text, as it will probably lead to unsharpen text. I'm missing the setting that pure K should stay pure K in a conversion (especially for text), especially in the Export-settings for PDF, where you can select a different Profile. And, as an extra wish: When converting from RGB to CMYK, I would like to have the possibilty to change Text to CMYK 0/0/0/100 Thanks
  2. Yes, they are all on local drive. Embedding is not an option, because this project has 45 pages with ca. 15 images on each page. And also as I do most of the work with the image in Publisher using the Bridge to Photo (which is a phantastic feature btw), sometime I have to rework the image in Lightroom and reexport it. As I said, this happens randomly. When closing an reopening the Publisher-File, it happens with different images (so the one where it happens before is correct now) For me, this looks like a memory issue. I found out, that if you scroll to a page for the first time, they look all blurred like this and then will be changed to the correct view, one image after the other. So it seems when scrolling too fast, not all images where "sharpened" When I do a smooth scroll through all the pages, all the images are shown correctly and will be correctly exported (e.g. to a jpg in my case). However, you can not be 100% sure that this is correct for all the images.
  3. Thanks, I found it. It says it's ok. (This is a different image, because after reopening the file, my fist example was ok, but the problem happens now with other images)
  4. Hi I'm currently making a photo-book. I found that some Images stay in a pixelated mode. It looks like a preview mode, but normally the images go correct when watching the page. Even worse, this pixelation also stays when printing the page or export it e.g. as a jpg. I had this sometimes and in those cases scrolling helped to sharpen the image, but in this case nothing works. Closing the Publisher-File and reopening it helps, but there is allways the fear that this will happen to another image Publisher:
  5. I also vote for this feature. Had the issue today that for printing a calendar, the printing supplier wanted to have each sheet as seperate pdf
  6. Looks like it works with the beta-Version - so far I could not reporduce it. However, if something happens, is there a way to get log-data which could be send to you?
  7. I have a publisher-file which has approx. 202MB. It is a book with many photos. Whne scrolling through the book, Affinity shortly hangs, does show the photos only in a blurry mode and then crashes. Unfortunatly, it seems there is no Autosafe function. Publisher The images are all included as links
  8. I want to push this into front, I started now with Publisher (coming from Scribus, so it is much more convenient). This would be indeed a nice feature, to have text updated like you have it with pictures. However, is there a text editor inside Designer, where you can look only at your pure text no matter what font you are using? Scribus has such a thing.
  9. Thanks, that work. I tried this already, but I found out, that I moved the mouse too fast, so it will go over the border (I'm used to Lightroom, where you can not pass the borders at all). But using the mouse more sensitive it works. Thanks for help
  10. Hi when I select an area with the crop tool and then move that selection around, it will not stop at the borders of an image, which leads to white areas at the image side after croping. Is there a way to stop the moving at the image borders, like e.g. in Lightroom?
  11. Hi I'm not sure where to post a question regarding a specific workflow (e.g. "how can I filter out all red elements in photo?") Wouldn't it be good to have a special section for this, with a subforum for Photo and Designer. And also, if a question is solved, it can be marked as "Solved" in the Topic title, so you can search for it?
  12. I think I got it now: That is how it worked for me: 1) Make a new layer (empty pixel) 2)Make a ellipse selection in this layer 3) go to the Move-Icon , select the selection (here I can transform iz (thank you DesignMeister) 4) select background as active layer 5) Make a now layer with a mask out of the selection Thanks to all for help
  13. Sorry for the late reply, but I thought that I would get a mail when there is an answer to this topic - so maybe I have the wrong settings. However, I still did not found the solution, using the German verson of Affinity (now the official one). I found the solution in Photoshop, which is Selection -> Transform selection (Auswahl -> Auswahl transformieren). This one I'm searching in Affinity Greetings Thorsten
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