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  1. See screenshot. Brush width seems to be the only adjustable slider that actually applies to the drawn line. Am I missing something obvious?
  2. Don't know whether this is a glitch or a missing feature (if it is missing, please add it!), but if you click-drag to highlight several objects, it only selects certain things (seems to ignore groups and images). This is rather annoying when you quickly want to grab a few objects and move them around. I don't want to group all these objects (or try to find them all in the layers panel and CMD+click to select them all) in order to make the occasional movement adjustment on otherwise separate objects, as it will quickly become a faff to keep grouping and ungrouping things. When I click drag over everything in the screenshot, only the two boxes pointed to with the red line are selected. (The object on the left is a group; a box with a fill colour, and two text boxes). Why are groups and images ignored on click-drag selections? (They're not locked either) Am I missing something? Edit: Made a mistake, it only selects one object at a time, not both boxes, which is even more annoying (it's just that click drag can be used to select either box, whereas it won't select at all an image or group). My bad. Edit 2: OK, sometimes it seems to select both the textboxes, so maybe it's a bit glitchy too.
  3. Ah, thanks for the heads up. Yes, it looks like the issue is sneaky upscaling done for retina displays (which I'm using). For anyone who stumbles across this thread with a similar issue, I found the two comments by st3f and Andrius here to be extremely helpful. @R-CR Preview is set to that setting and is still upscaling the images. Might be a bug in Preview?
  4. So I'm creating an image that has to be set at 800 x 600 pixels, and when I export the image either in JPG (set to best quality) or PNG (PNG sampling is set to bicubic), the result is pixellated and blurred, I don't get what I'm doing wrong. Screenshotting the image of the file opened in Affinity Photo actually creates a much clearer image. (Running the Mac version, if that helps?) Help / advice would be much appreciated! (After uploading these it seems that Preview might be partly to blame? It seems that when you click view 'Actual Size' it's not the actual size of the image on the screen. I'm getting very confused :-/)