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  1. Webp is less efficient then avif and needs licensing. Skip Webp and go to avif directly 😋
  2. On this topic I am curious to why when using Dropbox Smart Sync, PSD files that are not local do still show a preview while Affinity files don't. Is this something you can fix or does it depend on Dropbox software ? PS. I plan to move out from Dropbox for Apple iCloud now that it has a folder sharing option, but this could be quite an issue for a lot of users.
  3. The Iconfactory just announced this little utility : https://blog.iconfactory.com/2020/06/introducing-fontcase/ I didn’t really test it yet but they always released quality applications on the Mac. They are behind Xscope especially with I use daily.
  4. Hi, it might not be a bug but it sure seems weird to me. Here is my layout, all elements have constraints applied to them except the main container and the content. When I lock the children and resize the Inside container the behavior is exactly as intended. The content isn't affected while the Outline is keeping the same size as the Inside container and the Gradient width is resizing to match and the position at the bottom is maintained. Perfect ! Now, if I resize the Main container, the Content is resized as if the children weren’t locked. My test file is attached 😊 cascading-constraints-test.afdesign
  5. That was my conclusion. In my case, a PSD file with embedded documents was imported in Photos then saved as an Affinity file before opening it in Publisher. In Photo and in Designer, there is no way to distinguish the PSD embedded files from an embedded file created with Affinity. I think that this points to an issue : 1. Designer can import PSD files but doesn't support embedded documents. 2. Photos can import PSD files and support embedded documents if the right option is set in the preferences (this is a problem from the discovery point of vue). 3. Publisher is able to open en PSD files, but can't import embedded document from these files. It also cannot export an embedded document if the source file was a PSD. I hope that the team will unify the import behavior accross the 3 apps so that when you import a PSD file you can always get editable embedded files and if the embedded files are PSB, they should also be converted to Affinity files so that there is no issue once in Publisher 😎
  6. I thought so too and even checked before posting. In my case the embedded documents originated from a photoshop file, they are listed as .tif files and the option to Make linked… was not available. I just tested with purely native files and it work fine in that case 😋
  7. I have a similar situation where I wanted to retrieve the embedded files as separates files while preserving layers and vector elements. Copying into a new document created to the same dimensions does indeed work but in my case I found it easier to export as PSD file then import them again. I think it would be nice to have a “Detach the embedded file” option that would create a new Affinity file with the content. I have several scenarii where it could be usedful in Designer and it could be even more usefull with Publisher.
  8. I find the Decimal place for unit types option very misleading as it doesn't changes the real values, it only displays rounded data without changing their real value. This means that if I open an existing file with a square starting at X: 0 Y: 0.04 and my preferences are set to show only 1 decimal, it will show me X: 0 Y: 0 but I will get a blurry edges on the top and bottom of the square. This means that, even if you have Forced pixel alignement and Move by whole pixel active, if you try to move your object to realign it, it won't work. Since you can only move the square by whole pixel, you won't be able to realign misaligned points unless you type in a zero in the transform panel. Now I understand that you don't wan't to change a design simply when opening a file, but here is what I would love to see : A warning in the transform panel that notify me that the displayed value has been rounded (changing the color of the rounded decimal to red or orange for exemple might be enough). This would have value even if you don't work with pixels. When I move a point or an object while Forced pixel alignement and Move by whole pixel are active, I want it to actually force the pixel alignement so that one moved the point or the selected point from an object (as defined in the transform panel) is actually pixel perfect. An button to realign a point to be pixel perfect and if an object is selected, realign all points to the nearest pixel. An option to actually apply the rounding in the transform panel and not only rounding the displayed value. Last one, artboard should always be positioned on whole pixels. You can go nuts trying to fix an object and finally realize that the artboard is itself misaligned. These changes would make life a lot easier for designer that need this kind of accuracy.
  9. I personally still use Designer for my main project but Sketch (Mac only) is still king for now and their pricing is rather fair.
  10. I was searching exactly for that option and realized it isn't available yet I couldn't find the latest roadmap bit this could be really useful for a lot of us !
  11. Quick update for those who find this post now, Designer has a pie tool !
  12. After reading all the other responses I found my answer. I had a duplicate. Once the duplicate removed the export seems fine. It would be nice to have a warning or simply to ignore the duplicates as it seems other softwares do.
  13. Same problem here with a Publisher file. One font works fine, the other is scrambled on PDF export (Raleway, available via Google fonts). I was able to reproduce the problem on a new file in Affinity Publisher with a single text block and Affinity’s placeholder text. Note that exporting the same file as a PNG works perfectly fine. Also I tested several default PDF export options (appart from flattened), all where affected. Demo font bug.zip
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