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  1. Hi, The save dialog box default to the last folder you saved a file to instead of the last folder you saved a file to OR the folder of the last opened file. This may seem a minor issue but it causes a lot of mistakes. Is there any chances you’ll fix this quickly ? Pretty please ?
  2. It would be great if we could set nudge distances in the preferences depending on the unit like it is possible for the decimal place. When working with pixels I like my nudge units to be 1px and 10px but when I work in mm it make more sense to set it to 1mm and 10mm. Currently you have to change it manually each time and I often forget as I constantly switch between print and web.
  3. Voting for features shouldn't be a contraint for the development roadmap, but it is a nice way to highlight the users interests in a more structured way then a forum. Dropbox did it for a while and it was really great ! They didn't always pick the most popular features, but used it as an ideation source and they updated the features status thus allowing the community to see that a feature was included in the internal roadmap, in progress or has already shipped in an update.
  4. Hi @gabe I was finally going to take the time to make a video and an exemple file but it seems for now that 1.9 fixed the problem 😍 I’ll test it further and post a video if I can reproduce the problem again 😊🤞
  5. I have a similar issue where putting an image Inline in text in a master text frame “freezes” it as you deselect it. It is faily strait forward to reproduce : Copy an an illustration, paste it into the text. Deselect the current text frame then try to edit the text once more. I tried it a few times and it isn't systematic but does occur quite regularly. Once the frame is “locked”, you can't select it by any means. With linked text frames, I was able to move the text cursor into the frame and then removing the image solved the problem. I can send the team my file if needed.
  6. We are having the same issues here. This isn't the defautl behavior on a Mac and causes mayhem for my sister and I as we regularly save files in the wrong folders and can't find them later 😓 If you open a file, the default location to save a new version or export this file should be the parent folder of this file. PS. The only exception I can think of would be the export persona where last path used to export could be saved within the file.
  7. I concur, I used this extensively on Indesign with bullets, titles or even inline images.
  8. @YuY222 Hold on the affinity team is doing an incredible job so far ! Their priorities are simply not always aligned with some of us. I would love to see this feature implemented but I don’t think it is fair to throw some shade on them because someone else did it faster.
  9. Pretty please 🙏 Even if Affinity can't import PSD composition that uses mesh wrap, it would be really useful to create new mockups.
  10. This is a critical issue ! How can this not be a top priority ??? I thought that having all 3 applications working seamlessly together was the all point. Recognizing transparency is quite important for a lot of us. What is the point of being able to switch between the 3 applications if you can't work with the native file formats 😭 Having to open the Photos files to export them as TIFF isn't what I had in mind when they announced the benefits of having a shared file format 😅
  11. @thomaso Sorry for the double post, I didn’t find yours. I think this is due to the fact that the affinity team doesn’t activate the display current layer in their preferences. Depending on the way you work it is a problem that they never encountered 😁
  12. I don't really care if the line disappear or not. That depends completely on the user previous habits. It doesn't behave the same on both applications and that is not ok ! For me the only true guideline should be that the tools should behave exactly the same as in their original application (photo or designer).
  13. The default behavior should be changed in Publisher so that it matches the one from Designer. When you are in the Designer persona everything should behave exactly like in Designer. Otherwise, millions of small differences will slowly creep into the software and create much frustrations (see Adobe 😅).
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