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  1. I find the Decimal place for unit types option very misleading as it doesn't changes the real values, it only displays rounded data without changing their real value. This means that if I open an existing file with a square starting at X: 0 Y: 0.04 and my preferences are set to show only 1 decimal, it will show me X: 0 Y: 0 but I will get a blurry edges on the top and bottom of the square. This means that, even if you have Forced pixel alignement and Move by whole pixel active, if you try to move your object to realign it, it won't work. Since you can only move the square by whole pixel, you won't be able to realign misaligned points unless you type in a zero in the transform panel. Now I understand that you don't wan't to change a design simply when opening a file, but here is what I would love to see : A warning in the transform panel that notify me that the displayed value has been rounded (changing the color of the rounded decimal to red or orange for exemple might be enough). This would have value even if you don't work with pixels. When I move a point or an object while Forced pixel alignement and Move by whole pixel are active, I want it to actually force the pixel alignement so that one moved the point or the selected point from an object (as defined in the transform panel) is actually pixel perfect. An button to realign a point to be pixel perfect and if an object is selected, realign all points to the nearest pixel. An option to actually apply the rounding in the transform panel and not only rounding the displayed value. Last one, artboard should always be positioned on whole pixels. You can go nuts trying to fix an object and finally realize that the artboard is itself misaligned. These changes would make life a lot easier for designer that need this kind of accuracy.
  2. I personally still use Designer for my main project but Sketch (Mac only) is still king for now and their pricing is rather fair.
  3. I was searching exactly for that option and realized it isn't available yet I couldn't find the latest roadmap bit this could be really useful for a lot of us !
  4. fdelaneau

    Slicing curve

    Quick update for those who find this post now, Designer has a pie tool !
  5. fdelaneau

    Mangled Font Issue - PDF Export

    After reading all the other responses I found my answer. I had a duplicate. Once the duplicate removed the export seems fine. It would be nice to have a warning or simply to ignore the duplicates as it seems other softwares do.
  6. fdelaneau

    Mangled Font Issue - PDF Export

    Same problem here with a Publisher file. One font works fine, the other is scrambled on PDF export (Raleway, available via Google fonts). I was able to reproduce the problem on a new file in Affinity Publisher with a single text block and Affinity’s placeholder text. Note that exporting the same file as a PNG works perfectly fine. Also I tested several default PDF export options (appart from flattened), all where affected. Demo font bug.zip
  7. fdelaneau

    Image Cropping

    @Vasqes Having a non destructive crop on your working files is a great feature. Now, if you really want to delete the extra content after a crop, you can always go to Layers > Rasterize and trim…
  8. fdelaneau


    Javascript seems the obvious choice but support for AppleScript (and the equivalent on Windows) seems a must since the print industry relies a lot on cross applications automations. Until then, it will only suit the needs of creative graphic designers.
  9. @VolkerMB I must concur that his point isn't exactly clear. From what I understand, he feels that current Affinity apps try to do to much and that he pays for a lot of functionalities that he doesn't need and that he would rather have a more basic application with optional personas. Like you say, the current Affinity Apps are a bargain. Even if you don't use all functionalities, having too much options isn't a problem as long as they don't hinder your workflow.
  10. I’m having some difficulties opening a few PSD files in Affinity Photo : the application instantly crashes. Meanwhile… Affinity Designer does open the file without any problem ? Even saving the files as Affinity Designer files, opening them in Affinity Photo crashes the application. 11 low.psd
  11. I think that the Affinity team approach was the right one. They relatively quickly built a suite of powerful, professional grade, applications that cover most of the creative uses. Until now nobody has ever been able to manage that and be considered as an interesting alternative to Adobe. The fact that the three applications cost less than 3 month of Adobe Creative Cloud or 100 times less than the defunct Adobe Design Standard Creative Suite is really appealing for freelances and makes it interesting for non professionals also. Now that the current applications cover the basis, I think the team can focus on improving those applications and/or develop more specialized ones. Right now, I’m primarily using Affinity Designer for interface design work, before I was using Photoshop mostly with vector shapes. There are things that would ease my workflow a lot, but it is already nice enough that I cancelled my Adobe subscription without any regret. I’m not sure if optional personas is the way to go but building on the Affinity StudioLink I could imagine a new application focus on interface design with Sketch like features that could instantly switch to Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo tools. A successor to Apple Aperture with non destructive Raw process and instant access to Affinity Photo tools if needed would also be really nice
  12. Since the beginning when you work in full screen on any Affinity App, double clicking a file on the Finder doesn't correctly set the focus on the App. The application is indeed active but it doesn't switch to the correct screen. This is quite jarring since all other applications do this correctly. Most of the time I double clic a second time before remembering and then you can't simply hit cmd + tab since the app is indeed focused just not on the right screen. I don't understand if this is by design or an oversight since you always open files from the Application and not the Finder.
  13. No sorry, it was simple flyers that I could have done with Designer but I wanted the benefits of the better control of the text blocs that Publisher offers.
  14. I used it for simple jobs and everything was perfect. The most important I think is to remember it is still a beta and to check your PDF thoroughly.
  15. Affinity Designer download is about 260 Mo and 1.2 Go once installed. Affinity Photo is about the same. Now Publisher is still in beta so my guess is there is some debugging code there that will be removed but it won't be significant. As for your rant that it was better before, todays applications are vastly more complex and capable. Would you get back to applications from that era ? That alone could justify the gain but there is also the fact that nowadays icon resources and images are also more common and bigger then before. On macOS a simple application icon with all different states can weight more than 1Mo. If you open the app package you can see that the icons assets weights more than 250 Mo and there are thousands of them.

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