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  1. paulie.reklama

    Last settings of the used tool etc.

    Super, thank you :-) And regarding the crop tool, at least please link setting of the grid and darken border with the presets. Thank you, Pavel
  2. paulie.reklama

    Last settings of the used tool etc.

    Hi Gabe, so I didnt find out what is the benefit of the Stock panel? I thought the benefit should be in having the large library of full sized png images directly in affinity without using web browsers.. Finding "just" thumbnails is more comfortable in web than in affinity. Thanks, Pavel Question for AF users: Is there anyone who uses this panel? And for what reasons?
  3. Hi Affinity, The AF does not remember the last settings of the used tool, it is very tedious to set everything up again. For example.. If I've created the new Crop preset which I use very often, everytime when I click to the Crop tool, the default preset appears (unconstrained). And in addition with the Thirds grid that I have to switch off again and again, becouse its very disturbing. And without Darken border, that I'am switching on again.. Is possible to add some memory to the tools? If I'll click to the Crop tool next time, the "my preset" without grid and with Darken border will appears automatically as default? And my second question is about Stock panel with Shutterstock images. If I drag and drop the image inside my instance from the Stock, its only in thumbnail resolution and without transparency.. Please could you tell me how to improve it? Many thanks, Paulie
  4. paulie.reklama

    Fit frame to picture

    -Yes. -And please add corner points for resizing picture inside frame after double click. The solution with clicking the arrow (in float menu) for resizing the image inside frame is very non-intuitive and annoying. - please add automatic centering of the image inside the frame after scale to min or max
  5. paulie.reklama

    Booklet option

    Yes, it's the video that I thought, thank you.
  6. paulie.reklama

    Booklet option

    Hi, thanks for reply. There's no problem with link in my browser, but you can find it on youtube with "Indesign multiple image placement - masonry grid effect". Its about quick placement of many images by clever grid. I attached two pictures: I thought.. fullscreen mode with no main bar above and system bar below the page. For me Its useful for quick clear undisturbed preview of the document without export to PDF. I also found that Zoom to Width in Preview mode doesnt work correctly. There are gaps on sides. So its not usable for "like-web browser" preview.
  7. paulie.reklama

    Booklet option

    Hello, many thanks for great Beta Publisher, I really like it. For my purposes, I will appreciate advanced print settings and the export of brochures, mainly creep setup, etc.. https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/printing-booklets.html#understanding_creep https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/printing-booklets.html Also multiple image placement will be useful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qd6y4FSZy4 And fullscreen preview mode without any side bars will be nice.
  8. Hello Affinity, I've bought Affinity Photo, it is very nice application! But I have problem - there is many situation when I need open my Afphoto file from other computers (from flashdisk, dropbox etc.) where Affinity isnt instaled. Exporting everytime to the PSD isnt very efficient. It could be nice to have a possibility convert Aphoto to PSD by online converter or by app that could be free for download for this cases. What do you think about? Thank you - best regards, Pavel

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