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  1. I don't know much of the internal structure of the application, but my idea is that the non-destructive Develop persona interface for JPGs (and other non-RAW) could simply behave like a live filter. I don't see many problems with this.
  2. Thank for your response, I understand all this principles, but the reason for having the ability to non-destructively edit JPGs in Develop persona is absolutely the same as with RAW, i.e. it significantly speed up my work, also it does mean reducing the overall file size and reducing the total number of layers within the file.
  3. Hi, I really understand JAClel's question. I am mostly working with jpg (architecture visualisation, etc.), Develop persona has better faster and more intuitive environment for quick editing, every basic tools what you need are opened, you're just pulling the sliders without working with layers. And what I am absolutely missing in the Photo persona is live filter with perspective correction tools based on sliders (horizontal, vertical, rotate, scale) like in Develop persona. It is absolutely essential for quick and serious work with architecture photography/visualisation in JPG. I thought that might be the only reason I would switch to the new version of Afiinity 2. So non-destructive JPG develop persona is not possible in the new version?
  4. In my case the update didn't resolve the problem also, nothing changed. Of course, I've tried reinstall with deleting appdata folder and clearing the cache.
  5. Hi Pauls, thank you very much for all your effore, but the problem have no solution for me. But I think solution could be also on your side, there is a big room for work on stability issues, need to analyze what changed from version 1.9 which was without these type of problems. For any users in the future which will have similar problems and will have to stay with outdated versions... please add to Preferences "disable update notification at startup", it is very very annoying and flustering to have to confirm this every time at start.
  6. Ok, but I have no english version of Windows, so maybe some names could be different... -Click in win on START icon -Write Device manager, click on it -In Device manager, find Graphic adapter, then use right click on your graphic card, and choose "Disable" or "Block" .. That's is..
  7. Hi Pauls, thank you for the tip, but when I disable GT525 in windows device manager, the openCL is untick everytime when I run app with the integrated graphic card. So it doesnt work unfortunately. Exact path of Publisher is C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher\ It's on the main system drive.
  8. Hi Affinity, please could you send me any response, if the bug was sucesfully solved? I think there are a lot of users who have this problem that is still here from 1.10 version. Thank you.
  9. Hi Paul, I've checked the driver, it seems to be updated. In 1.9.2 everything is OK with same drivers, so I don't think that drivers should be a problem. All my Affinity apps run if I block GT525 in win Device manager. By the way I think that bug is also the fact that Affinity crash if it finds something wrong with GPU. I think the standart reaction should be some notification about non-compatibile GPU and then run with integrated graphic card. Not the crash. Thank you.
  10. After new update the problem with crashing at start is still here. The splash screen dissapear after second and Publisher (and Photo also) won't lunch. I am attaching the crash report folder. - I have i5-2430M, 12,0 GB RAM, GT525M, Windows 10 Pro (21H1) build 19043.1165 - delete temporary folder didnt help - clear cache (start with CTRL) didnt help Thank you. CrashReports.zip
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