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  1. In my case the update didn't resolve the problem also, nothing changed. Of course, I've tried reinstall with deleting appdata folder and clearing the cache.
  2. Hi Pauls, thank you very much for all your effore, but the problem have no solution for me. But I think solution could be also on your side, there is a big room for work on stability issues, need to analyze what changed from version 1.9 which was without these type of problems. For any users in the future which will have similar problems and will have to stay with outdated versions... please add to Preferences "disable update notification at startup", it is very very annoying and flustering to have to confirm this every time at start.
  3. Ok, but I have no english version of Windows, so maybe some names could be different... -Click in win on START icon -Write Device manager, click on it -In Device manager, find Graphic adapter, then use right click on your graphic card, and choose "Disable" or "Block" .. That's is..
  4. Hi Pauls, thank you for the tip, but when I disable GT525 in windows device manager, the openCL is untick everytime when I run app with the integrated graphic card. So it doesnt work unfortunately. Exact path of Publisher is C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher\ It's on the main system drive.
  5. Hi Affinity, please could you send me any response, if the bug was sucesfully solved? I think there are a lot of users who have this problem that is still here from 1.10 version. Thank you.
  6. Hi Paul, I've checked the driver, it seems to be updated. In 1.9.2 everything is OK with same drivers, so I don't think that drivers should be a problem. All my Affinity apps run if I block GT525 in win Device manager. By the way I think that bug is also the fact that Affinity crash if it finds something wrong with GPU. I think the standart reaction should be some notification about non-compatibile GPU and then run with integrated graphic card. Not the crash. Thank you.
  7. After new update the problem with crashing at start is still here. The splash screen dissapear after second and Publisher (and Photo also) won't lunch. I am attaching the crash report folder. - I have i5-2430M, 12,0 GB RAM, GT525M, Windows 10 Pro (21H1) build 19043.1165 - delete temporary folder didnt help - clear cache (start with CTRL) didnt help Thank you. CrashReports.zip
  8. Thank you for you response Matthias. Yes, I think, there is maybe more bugs that have different solutions. I've tried each hint in this forum I think. The switching GPU off in Device manager was my advice, 1.10 work with it, but without GPU the apps are very slow, and then I can't use the GPU with other applications also. With the testing of each hint I've deleted the cache(hold CTRL) and app data folder. Just for sure. There is probably nothing to do in my case, I'll be waiting for the fix. Kind regards, Paulie
  9. Hi Bamboli, I tried it also, but clean instalation had not solve this problem in my case. I am on the same Win version like you.
  10. edit 2: Just out of interest, I've tried start previous good working version 1.9.2 of Photo with mode "start with integrated card" also, its running without problem, but in Photo Preferences is GT525m selected..so windows "integrated card mode" have no impact to the selection card by Affinity apps (Affinity sets dedicated card as a default during start in all cases if it finds the drivers). So I think problem is about noncompatibility of 1.10 Affinity apps with GPU in my opinion.
  11. GT 525M. Thanks. edit: This shouldn't normally matter, because I tried running the application in mode with an integrated graphics card. But still, the dedicated graphics card probably has some impact on application crashes..(describtion in my previous posts). In 1.9.2 my GT 525M (with same drivers) works with all affinity apps.
  12. Also deleting the 1.0 app data folder (temp, autosaves, etc..) didn't help.
  13. I'am also attaching crash report. It's Publisher report, but the problem is identical as in Photo.. I've downgrade to previous 1.9.2 version of Photo. ca595cd0-3551-412a-9646-0937b3805593.dmp
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