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  1. kinvermark

    Lightroom replacement

    Clearly, an Affinity DAM application makes total technical and commercial sense. For me, it's the library / keywording / metadata functions that are most needed. Anyway, Serif have done such a great job so far, the least we can do is be patient and encouraging. I will limp along with good ol' Bridge for now.
  2. kinvermark

    Mask shift

    AFAIK, It has been identified and reported as a bug. There is another thread here somewhere... Hoping for a quick fix.
  3. haha.... "you don't know what you don't know." Yes, your method works, even in CS6. Anyway, Affinity have an example to copy now. Thanks!
  4. The advantage of MAKEGRID is that you can then work with the frames before adding the images. This is more flexible (although as you say slower). Eg. make a 4 x 6 grid of frames on a full page, then delete all the middle ones. Or a fine grid (say 10 x 20) with some "missing" bricks in the wall. Or change the sizes of certain frames in a unitary way...
  5. These are two features I use all the time. Anyone else? Brief explanation: indesign has a MAKEGRID script that takes a frame object and divides it into multiple frames as specificed by the user (ie rows x columns, gutter, etc.) One can then drag multiple images from the desktop (or DAM eg Bridge) and place them in each of the new frames as wanted.
  6. kinvermark

    Affinity Video Editor?

    +1. I love Affinity photo, but please do not commit commercial suicide by attempting to bring ANOTHER NLE to market. There are already dozens at both the professional and non-professional level (Adobe, Avid, Edius, Final Cut, Vegas Pro, Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, Hitfilm, etc.), and they are cheap to buy and in some cases free. Some are decades old and have 100's (1000's ? of programmer years of coding already.) It is technically challenging both to make and support, and the level of user expertise required is quite high. If forum members need convincing, I suggest downloading DaVinci Resolve (free) and taking a good look at it. Read some forum posts. Still think Affinity should compete with this?