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  1. [Update] I can confirm the following: This issue doesn't happen when I'm using exclusively the mouse and change to another window. It happens when I'm using the tablet and then change windows or alt-tab. Then stops working properly until I close and reopen the program. Hello all. I recently updated to 1.7 and been experiencing this behaviour. When I first start the program everything is fine. As soon I alt-tab to do something else and return to designer, it stops reacting properly to stroke movements from both tablet pen and mouse. I recorded a sample as you see below. This is a desktop computer running Windows 10. Drivers are mostly up to date. This behaviour also happens in designer persona, strokes made with the vector brush tool are always straight no matter how much I move around, and it's hard to work with the pen tool as well. Any idea what could be causing this?
  2. Right now this is my bane. I have been growing used to AD to create illustrations and graphic assets, and the worst thing a client can ask me right now is "Can we have the .ai files?" I export to .PDF, open in CS6, it doesn't keep the layers I had organized and labeled. It also converts the lines to shapes which wouldn't be so bad except they're terribly optimized and have hundreds of points. EPS is a joke, it doesn't even keep the artboard's original size. SVG stares blankly at a wall, shrieks and falls to the side like a fainting goat. I understand you can't do anything about AI due to it being a private format, but these export options need some work.
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