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  1. The brushes disappear randomly at some point while the application is still running. I think the initial delay between the first instance and the second instance (about 10 hours) was because I was installing my brushes one at a time because they were in separate folders, so the problem didn't occur until after I got around to installing the problematic brush set. I eventually put all of my brush files into a single folder so that I could install them all at once, and then the issue started happening very soon after installation. Removing the three characters ΓÇô from the file name prior to installation seems to fix the problem, but I've decided to leave the brushes uninstalled just in case.
  2. I think I've identified the culprit! It's a set of pixel brushes I downloaded from gumroad named "Himitsu ΓÇô Sketching Brushes" (https://gumhoad.com/products/BDpLP/)
  3. Hi Dan, Thank you for responding! I don't have any apps like what you described installed. I've been using the same computer ever since I installed Affinity Designer in December 2019 - haven't had any issues until now and the only software/app change to my computer around the time the issue started was my installation of Affinity Photo and my downloading and installation of brushes that I purchased during the Black Friday sales. I think I've ruled out Affinity Photo as the culprit - I uninstalled it and was still able to reproduce the issue. I'm wondering if it's a specific pixel brush that is causing the issue. I've been installing them in small batches yesterday and today, using them for a few hours, and then installing the next batch. I was able to reproduce the problem with one specific batch of brushes and today I'm installing that set in smaller batches. I'm a bit of a brush hoarder, so there are a lot to go through. Thank you
  4. Update 2: RESOLVED!! - identified a set of newly installed pixel brushes causing the problem ------------------------------- Update 1: I uninstalled Affinity Photo last night to see if that was causing the issue. I then reinstalled my brushes in Affinity Designer. When I opened Affinity Designer this morning, the Pixel brushes had again disappeared. ----------------------------------- Yesterday all of my purchased PIxel brushes disappeared (the ones that come with the program are still there). My vector brushes were unaffected. I reinstalled all of my pixel brushes, and then they disappeared again about 10 hours later. I reinstalled them all again, and within an hour they have disappeared (vector brushes still unaffected). This is happening to me at the same time in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I've been using Affinity Designer for a year without a problem. I purchased and installed Affinity Photo yesterday - I think this was prior to the Pixel brush issue. I also bought some brushes and was in the process of installing them over the last few days. These are the only things that have changed on my computer (Wacom studio pro). Any ideas on what the issue could be? Thank you! Computer: WACOM STUDIO PRO, running Windows 10
  5. 3 things that would save me a lot of time would be: 1. A "recently used brushes" panel. 2. When I select a brush and then adjust its size, the brush I'm using is no longer highlighted in the brushes panel. Sometimes I forget which brush I'm using, so keeping the brush highlighted would be very helpful. 3. Organization options in the brushes panel. When duplicating a brush, I would love to have all of the duplicates located directly below the original brush but slightly indented.
  6. Edit: I found a workaround in the FAQ section. Sorry about that I've watched tutorials on the vector brush tool and have seen that you can use it to draw curves. However, when I use the tool it will only draw a straight line. Is there some setting that I need to adjust? Thank you
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