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  1. This is where you can find the style after you create it
  2. I have this image that looks like this at full size After resizing the image looks like this I've discovered that this is because of the inner shadow property So I need a way to resize my curves/shape while scaling the inner shadow so that the curves/shape looks the same, like how the stroke width can be set to scale with a resized object
  3. When I select Break Curve on a shape, and then select the node which was just broken, is there a way to select the node underneath without moving the top node away. In this video I would like to select the node connected to the line on the left instead of the node connected to the line on the bottom Grab Other node.mp4
  4. Is there any way to specify a gradient that spreads consistently from the center of a curved shape? Such that the gradient would be darkest along this red line and lightest at the edges of the shape? Here's a drawing example of what it would look like kind of.
  5. The effect given to the circles on the left, where they're less grainy in the second pic
  6. @stokerg Is there a way to do some kind of thresholding within Affinity like described in these screenshots?
  7. I have 2 separate curve layers that overlap. At a certain point for these two curves(between the two black arrows) I want the gradients to merge or blend together more. Is there a way to do this without converting these layers to pixel layers or doing something destructive?
  8. So I posterised this image, I then converted it to black and white. I would like to get rid of most of the grain on the face, so that the face is mono color but you can still see the eyes, nose and mouth. some grain would be all right but I want way less. I fiddled around with the denoise tool, but nothing seemed to make a difference, even after merging the layers. I think the core of the problem comes from not being able to posterise my image enough. I brought my posterise down to the lowest level(2), but you can still see blue, red, yellow, green, turquoise and black in this image. That's too many colours. Original image
  9. I am rotating this shape(both a rectangles) and I would like it to snap so that the one rectangle is exactly perpendicular to the other rectangle Affinity Snap Perpendicular.mp4
  10. @thomaso It only happens outside the shape, theres is no blur inside the shape everything is at 100
  11. i created these shapes in AD and then raterized in AP. I can't blur them, and I also couldn't use the flood fill tool on them. I am trying to blur that small gradient so that it blends in more to the background. This shape that I am blurring is a clone of the group below. When raterizing, it looks like the whole group was converted to a layer. The blur tool does work however, when trying to blur the shape outside of it's lines (works when dragging the blur tool from the shape to the white. Affinity Blur.mp4
  12. A lot of the time I'l be trying to make a shape, and I'll be stretching out the pen tool to get the right shape, when I stretch too far and cause the canvas to move. Is there any way to prevent this? Pen tool annoyance.mp4
  13. On this one .afphoto file, whenever I try to use the flood select tool, affinity photo freezes and I must force quit it by pressing control-alt-escape followed by force quit with affinity selected(which says not responding). The problem isn't repeated on jpg files This is the .afphoto file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DmJd25IhB8akohlENhKAwXwBKSmgwVcr/view?usp=sharing I also attached a photo which shows the spot I'm trying to flood select I am running AP 1.8.2 on Catalina 10.15.2 on a 2013 Macbook Air I can send any crash reports if you tell me exactly what to send
  14. Is there a way to snap straighten wavey lines? I was using the liquify tool and didn't freeze some stuff. The changes are applied and were applied a while ago. Is there any tool that I can drag along a line or and edge and it will auto snap that line to be straight? Like in the image below I could drag along the first rectangle and it would remove all the curves from the shape so that it would look like the second rectangle?
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