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  1. This is a video of a seamless scrolling panorama I made using these paper cutout assets. Its essentially a panoramic Jpg image (created in Affinity Designer of course), added to WPanorama, which is a free app that doubles as a panorama viewer and screensaver. I screen-recorded the scrolling image, then added a snow overlay in a video editor.
  2. I've recently been spending time creating items for Christmas, and have been working on some paper cut out effects for Affinity Designer. This has involved creating lots of assets, brushes, styles and a colour palette. If anyone is interested in grabbing this package, you can find out more in this blog post that describes all the bits and pieces etc. The images here show some of the things that can be created using these items.
  3. Its a tad ironic that a moderator/staff member, with an avatar taken from the Fallout Shelter game, responds to my post about potential infringement of intellectual property rights. But then for all I know he might have been involved in developing the game 😉😄
  4. I recently came across someone on Facebook who said they have several Affinity product keys to sell. The notion of someone having 'several' product keys triggered my suspicion, which led me to question this person's honesty. I'm also unsure if selling product keys is a legitimate thing to do anyway. It would be helpful to know if this guy is acting in good faith, or if Affinity needs to take action.
  5. I've been working on some paper cut out style flowers, getting them ready for Valentines Day and spring, and I've made them available to anyone who wants them. I've posted them on the Affinity resources website, but a more direct link would be to my new and yet unfinished blog. I hope they'll be useful to someone. Included are two Affinity files that contain the paper cut flowers. One set of flowers are noncoloured, so you can easily add your own and make the flowers unique to you. The second Affinity file contains coloured flowers that can be used as is. There is a third Affinity file, and that contains the Valentines image which can be seen on my blog. The fourth file included is a set of assets. This consists of the flowers included in the Affinity files, both blank and coloured. This means paper cut designs can quickly and easily be created by dragging flowers from the assets window onto the canvas area. There are also flower components such as petals and flower centres, to enable you to make your own flowers almost from scratch.
  6. Sadly it didn't work, but I appreciate the advice In the end I used a different email address when adding my details and that did the trick.
  7. I recieved an email link for the trial version of Publisher a while ago but didn't install it. I've since lost the email, so I'm wondering if there is a way I can get the link for the trial again? I added my details to the Publisher trial page again but that didn't work.
  8. Do the Photoshop plugins work in Affinity Designer? Also, I still think its a reasonable point that users of Affinity should be able to create and share their own plugins.
  9. A feature that would really boost the popularity of Affinity would be if users had the ability to develop and share plugins, much like users of Photoshop and Gimp can do.
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